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The Identity

Comfort is one of the most important attributes of contact lens wear, and at Aqualens we guarantee you on that. It is not a coincidence that we can deliver all of the desirable features in our daily disposable lenses, we desire to bring the best on the table for our customers, which made us do that.

We don’t want the customers to exhaust themselves looking for distinct lens providers to meet their budget for healthy contact lens wear. We bring to you daily disposable lenses at an affordable price.

On The Table

Aqualens deals in daily lenses which can be used one time. As the daily lenses are frequently used by the customers, the customer will either have to purchase in bulk or they will have to place orders daily basis. So they want something where the customer can subscribe to the product and the order will be created automatically regularly.

The Demeanor

As it is a case of subscription and Shopify doesn’t support recurring payment for now. So we developed a solution where the customer just needs to subscribe to their preferred lenses and the order will be created automatically on a regular interval and the payment will be debited from their card. For this, we have built an entire custom checkout completely out of Shopify environment, which supports recurring subscriptions.

The Verdict

The major problem where the customer needs to place orders regularly (where there are chances that the customer can forget to place an order at times) is now solved. Now customers don’t need to go through the hectic process of placing orders regularly. This has reduced their operational work to a lot of extent and they don’t need to work on customer retention now.


Marmeto is a great team to work with. Highly energetic and proactive, they try and understand business requirements to provide best possible solution using their technical expertise. They are one of the best agencies we have worked with for shopify. Their coders - Aamir, Sanjib , PM’s Deep n Sweta and Founder Shashwat will go out of the way to collectively solve problems.

Varun Kalra

Product Manager, Aqualens

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