Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Resources & Updates

The safety and well‑being of everyone is always our priority. We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID‑19) situation and are taking steps to help keep our communities safe.

Steps we are taking

Upholding our Government Guidelines

Every member of Marmeto is expected to follow the Govt Guidelines during this pandemic and stay safe. This way they protect not only themselves but also the people around them.

Sharing advice to stay healthy

We’re reminding everyone at Marmeto to follow advice from public health authorities. If you’re sick, stay home and away from others. Wash your hands frequently, and cover your cough or sneeze. For more information, visit the World Health Organization website

Ensuring timely Deliveries to businesses

Marmeto has been functioning remotely for critical businesses. We ensure that the team has necessary supplies to operate WFH effectively.

Other important resources

WHO has developed this rapid advice note to meet the need for recommendations on the safe home care for patients with suspected novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection presenting with mild symptoms and public health measures related to management of asymptomatic contacts.

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