Made to measure helped Flo mattress fulfill product customizations to the next level

The Identity

Flomattress wants to change the world through a perfect night's sleep. Our mattress not only gives you a good sleep but also changes how you see the world after a great sleep. We are deeply rooted in making a bed, more than just a place to sleep.

If you happen to be someone who is looking for an unparalleled sleep support mattress, we are a direct-to-consumer online mattress company who delivers superior quality mattresses. We leave no stones unturned to make your bedroom a haven of comfort with that one perfect mattress, which is most restful. Our services don’t intend to rest until everyone does.

On The Table

Customers on a general basis do not understand the size of beds/mattresses. This was a common issue as the mattress sizes provided by Brands was not matching their requirements. This caused a lot of exchange and returns of the products. Such issues led to poor user experience as well as a high RTO cost.

The Demeanor

We created a special feature on the product page: Made to measure. This functionality has custom fields for saving custom sizes. This functionality was designed to meet all the customs requirements from their beloved customers.

Additionally, we also added custom fields with the order details so that the order processing can be made easier and custom sizes can be differentiated from normal mattress. (Especially during the segregation of sales reports/ data/ analytics).

The Verdict

Once this “Made to measure” section was Live, the user journey became very seamless and easy. This had two main advantages: 1) Customers could buy any custom size of the mattress as per their requirements. 2) The cost for customizations was justifiable for the merchant as a business POW. The main focus here was to improve the user journey and reduce the RTO charges as a final impact which was happening seamlessly.

We have built similar solutions for the Apparel industry as well, especially for customers who are curious about the latest trends but are confused about their right fits.


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Kshitij Rihal

Co-Founder, Flo Mattress

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