Headphone Zone

The Identity

In the wireless generation, Headphonezone provides one-stop audio solutions. The reason of our existence is to make things simple when it comes to listening to audio signals. We ensure to tick off most of the things on your headphone’s wish list.

We have successfully given many a solution for taking complete control over their audio-environment. We want our customers to be pleased with their headphones or earphones purchase, which can allow them to privatize their public spaces.

We help in making a fundamental shift in humans’ basic relationship to music.

On The Table

From the moment a customer puts in a request for listing his pre-owned products to the time they are getting listed on the platform, and then being sold is completely a manual process thus demanding increased man-hours to accomplish this task, thereby reducing the efficiency of the firm in total.Also, with an increased manual effort, increased the probability of human errors while undertaking this entire process.

Thus, automation was no longer a luxury but a requirement.

The Demeanor

Automated the entire listing process, and reduced it to just one click, which will not only list the product on the platform, but also notify the customer regarding their product being listed on the platform. Furthermore, the app also takes care of listing the products in the desired format, while also linking it with the original product which is available on the platform. Going beyond listing, since the nature of operations for these products slightly differs, when the products get sold, an automated notification is triggered for both the buyer and seller of the preowned product.

The Verdict

We created an automated and intuitive solution to help the company with their Pre-Owned listings and operations.

Successfully integrated the App with the existing CRM solutions to blend with their already existing workflow.

For an average number of listings per week of 15, we have reduced the time to process them by 87.5%, cutting it down to 75 minutes from nearly 10 hours (600 minutes).


We run an e-commerce company selling headphones in India. We’ve been working with Marmeto to build solutions for website UI/UX optimizations as well as custom apps for our operations. They’re incredibly prompt, always available on call, and very professional people to work with.

We don’t have any technical support/developers working in our company, and the ease with all our projects have been implemented has been great. They value our business and our client relationship so much that due to a single day’s deployment delay, we received a chocolate cake delivered warm and fresh to our office.

Highly recommended service; we’ve already got a long list of planned tasks for the next 6 months’ billing and have them on a monthly retainer :)

Raghav Somani

Founder, Headphonezone

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