The Identity

The Kisan fair focuses on sustainable development plans for the farmers. Every year the number of participants is increasing. We attract the world’s most prominent Agri professionals and prominent producers of machinery, technologies, equipment, and solutions for the industry. It is an important meeting point for the people of the entire Agri sector.

India’s largest Agri show will take place on December 11-15, 2019; in Pune. We intend to simplify the process of agricultural modernization.

Our aim is to make the agribusiness and agricultural economy poised for a vertical take-off.

On The Table

To develop a solution for partial payment on Shopify. The problem is as the amount of stall booking is a bit high the customers can’t pay the full amount in one place which causes a big problem in converting those customers. So we need a solution where the customer just needs to pay a fixed amount for booking a stall and the next pending payment will be done after a certain period of order creation.

The Demeanor

We developed a solution where a customer needs to pay a fixed amount which is exclusive of taxes at the time of purchase and the next pending amount will be paid later on by the customers. For the pending payment, we integrated a payment gateway which generates a payment link and that is being sent to the customers after a certain period, where the customers can pay an existing amount directly and we will mark the entire order as paid and fulfilled.

The Verdict

The moment this solution went live they saw incredible growth in the conversion rate which decimated their operation work greatly. Now they don’t need to create draft orders manually for a specific amount instead the whole process is automated which solves their major problem of collecting advance payment from users who can’t do the onetime payment.


Marmeto has been the answer to all of our customization needs. They have helped us mould Shopify to suit our business model. We have been working together for more than 2 years. The support has been great and prompt.

Nilesh Shelke

Manager Projects, Kisan

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