Marketing and Communications

We ignite opportunity by setting the world motion.

Marketing & Communications

A brand promise initiated by the team of Marketing & communication. The team of explorist thrives and achieves to shift every spotlight to MARMETO. Marmeto dances at the light and succeeds to achieve appreciation and win hearts with the larger audience provided by the team. Together, we define how people interact with technology and shape the perception of Marmeto around the globe.
Focus: To ensure Marmeto outreaches every corner and sticks to the limelight.
Contribute: To the popularity & strengthening of Marmeto's brand value.
Learn & Grow: Help and shape the branding of Marmeto across the borders.
Make an Impact: Touching business that require solutioning best possible by Marmeto.


1. Before setting up strategies researching, understanding and hitting the right target audience.
2. To reach the right targets setting up the channels straight by organizing Webinar, Events, Sponsorship, Online Promotions, Direct Marketing etc.
3. Researching figuring the requirements and putting up a SWOT of the company and enlisting  how Marmeto can be a cure.
4. Public Relation activities for branding by Blogs, Content Creation, Articles.
5. Ensuring the executions are pitch perfect and also with continuous feedback & follow ups on the experience with Marmeto
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