Marmeto Engagement Plans

Staying updated with the latest technology trends, updates and being optimised for customer journey is an ongoing process. We aim to hep you with the best technology assistance month-on-month on your Shopify storefront

It does not take "hours of development " to grow and scale. It takes a Dedicated Team and Teamwork to reach there.

Keeping the same in mind, we have designed two plans. Growth Plan and Scale Plan.

Growth Plan

Grow your brand worrying about the hours of development or cost of technology. Get a Dedicated Team for Development and Project Management working remotely everyday with you. Have them with you daily half day.

*The plan only supports Shopify storefront development and any backend integrations have to be opted separately.

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Scale Plan

It's time to go all out! Scaling takes a lot of muscle power and super fast experiments. Plannig to scale, get the right Team of Develoment and Project management to unlock scaling through dedicated full day engagements.

*The plan only supports Shopify storefront development and any backend integrations have to be opted separately.

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Team and Tools

  • Your Development Team comprises of Frontend Developers, Quality Analysts and Tech Leads working collaboratively.
  • Your Management Team comprises of Account Managers, Customer Success Managers and Senior Account Managers working collaboratively.
  • We work with the most advanced professional tools ( slack, jira, monday, zoho ) to ensure progress and communications are in sync.


We don't have an hourly charges concept. We work on team model where we have monthly operating costs. Conatct us and our Team will assist with further details.

The plan offers your a team that is qualified to solve your technology problems. The team acts as your internal tech team and that way it is not different. We are preferred by most enterprises and high volume DTC brands because of our validations of solutions done on the platforms.

The work timings for the team is just as any other team operates. Starts from 10:00 am and goes till 7:00 pm. Monday to Friday.

The teams work as your team itself and you can reach out to them. If they have their availability, they will surely assist.

Having said that, we guide you to avoid releases and new launches a day efore holidays so that all the teams can be breathing space to recover and come back strong.

We don't focus on hours of development. We are sure that any internal team hired also does not work on hours and more on releases, bug fixes and solutions. So we expect our teams also to be 75% - 80% efficient in their span of 20-22 working days.

Growth plan is for brands that would require teams on monthly half day engagement. Scale plan is for brands that are on the scale sprint and would need undivided attention of team on daily basis. It will be a montly full day engagement.

No, we assist in all the frontend development works in this plan. Any backend work or third party integration is taken care by teams with different skillset.

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