Sales, Service and Support

We ignite opportunity by setting the world motion.

Sales, Service & Support

One of all teams that completes the full cycle of Customers from on boarding to serving to assistance to retention. Client is God and who know's better than this team. In a mission to make a client happy (a happy client is a myth). Ever ready to serve the clients at a single ring of the phone at any point of time. These forward-thinking, collaborative teams enable digital transformation and solve mission-critical technology issues for clients. helping our customers and partners realize their full potential through Microsoft software and services.
Focus: Client is satisfied.
Contribute: 24*7 dedication to the clients, leads to retention & happiness.
Learn & Grow: In the ever changing world of Technology, keeping up to the Tech expectations of the clients and making the experience worthy.
Feel Involved: Priority is to keep the Clients involved on the varied range of services through implementation of products or consulting the best solutions.
Make an Impact: Changing lives of clients and there experience with the any-time-solution-at-the-door.
1. With the chain of activities the three heads are connected, from closing sales to adding to service.
2. The Account Managers expedite the solutioning for the clients and allocate the work to the team of Developers & Testers.
3. Follow up back and forth and rendering the client with more than expected.
4. The process includes 24*7 support to the client without fail. We have all time accessibility. For we believe in ownership, the project is more of us than of clients.
5. Measures in retention of clients, we add value which is worth having an association with Marmeto.
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