The Best Brush Under $50

The Identity

Shyn lets your teeth breathe and adds extra beauty and warmth to your face. Our best in range oral care products bless you with a healthy set of bright and white teeth.

As the mouth is a mirror for the body, we help our customers to maintain and improve oral health by reaching every nook and cranny of their mouth.

With Shyn, you no longer have to worry about the regular access of oral care products. Our customized subscription service helps the customers to take their first step to a healthy, bright smile.

On The Table

A Shopify Plus Commerce site struggling with Conversion rates and a burden of poor customer experience.

The Demeanor

Shyn had a great product but the experience of getting it was not matching the product standards. They were losing money because of the poor user experience and the conversions were shrinking.

The Verdict

We decided to revamp the User Experience and look at the experience from the customer's perspective this time. The majority of our users were on Mobile and the approach has to be Mobile First anyhow. We designed a hand-holding experience for Users which could guide them at every step throughout their journey and saving them from getting lost, ultimately resulting in better conversions for Shyn. Post the overhaul and further Optimizations, we were able to boost the conversions by ~5X. This was an amazing ROI for our efforts and definitely for Shyn. We have been together since then!

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