The Identity

We want to make a place in the heart of every fan of natural products through our wonder products. Our mission is to simplify the world of body care by helping people make the transition to using pure and natural products, which is truly transformative.

We have no fear tactics and believe in no outrageous claims. Our gorgeous line of aroma is pure bliss, which gives peace of mind.

The holistic approach of Soulflower has helped many to keep the toxic products at bay.

On The Table

To increase the retention rate for its customers, the company had introduced a loyalty program to incentivize customers and increase repeat purchase rates. This was a completely manual process earlier, to which they needed an automated solution that is dynamic enough and allows the company to create/edit the conversion rates on purchases as per their policies.

Thus, automation was no longer a luxury but a requirement.

The Demeanor

Created a module which would allow the company to decide the conversion rates, i.e. Purchase of 1 INR is equal to “x” Soulpoints (Loyalty points) and similarly for redemption, 1 Soulpoint is equal to “y” INR.

We also allowed the company to be able to transfer wallet balance (Soulpoints) for customers manually, which could be used to maintain the customer relationship. Ultimately, we had built an end to end Loyalty program for Soulflower, allowing them to automatically distribute, as well as allow customers to redeem loyalty points.

The Verdict

We created an automated and intuitive solution to help the company with their Loyalty program within Shopify Ecosystem.

Successfully integrated the solution with the existing database of customers and blend them with the Shopify Storefront.

This solution successfully allowed them to increase their repeat purchase by 30%.


Marmeto team is great to work with, the team is energetic and understands the nuances of technical requirements. 

Wishing all the best

Amit Sarda

Managing Director, Soulflower

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