Marmeto’s unnatural journey with Epigamia

Marmeto’s unnatural journey with Epigamia

“I never imagined we can get to this amount of work done and reach the level we are at today with our website within days of talking about it. The sheer dedication and work calibre is awesome!”

~Shreyansh Mehta, Strategic Initiatives at Drums Food International (Epigamia)

At Marmeto, we’ve always believed in excellence and going above and beyond for our clients but when we hear such positive feedback it truly makes our day! 

In the past 2-3 years, epigamia has become a household name especially in the dairy industry. From Yogurt to smoothies to spreads, they’ve captured the health conscious millennial market while making sure that the OG audience isn’t left out!

Our relationship with the Epigamia team has been nothing short of what we expected! When they approached us with two tasks that were critical to the success of their website, little did we know that it would turn into an entire website development project for the longer haul.

The Epigamia website was conceptualized by our design partner 
Iterator and developed by Marmeto.

A Yogurt Revolution Takes Flight

Epigamia, synonymous with delicious and healthy dairy products, has taken the Indian market by storm in just a few years. They had a soft launch of their new website in April, but this experimental D2C presence quickly turned into a much larger effort owing to its instant success and the nature of the pandemic!


Marmeto Joins the Recipe

Our partnership with Epigamia began with a seemingly simple task: enhancing their new D2C website. However, the website's unexpected success and the ever-changing landscape of the pandemic quickly transformed this into a full-fledged website development project. There was a need for a robust backend structure to streamline operations and address various issues, from iOS bugs to serviceability for selected pin codes.

Challenges and Solutions

“We wanted to expand our distribution in tier 2 cities like Pune, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad, where we had a presence but it was run on a distributor-operated model. So, we were not sure how the transition would take place and how we would deliver to these cities. The pincode level checker was the first task as we did not have it. When a user visited the website, we wanted them to view the products but only add to the cart if it was serviceable. If it wasn’t, we wanted an apology message with a singular CTA to keep them informed of when we would be able to service their area,” explains Shreyansh Mehta.

Epigamia's Initial Challenges and Marmeto's Solutions:

  • Pincode Checker Integration: We implemented a system allowing users to view products but only add them to the cart if delivery was available in their area. A clear message explained the situation and offered an option to stay informed about future delivery expansion.

  • iOS Bug Resolution: We identified and fixed the bug impacting the user experience on iOS devices.


A Collaborative Spirit

Shreyansh Mehta highlighted the key to the project's success: “We went ahead with Marmeto because when we had a discussion with Saurav, the way the problem was approached and the solution provided was really good. He also gave us 2-3 more suggestions. We prefer working where we give a problem statement and the solution comes from both teams. Saurav’s dedication, despite his busy schedule, and meeting all timelines were crucial for us. Every task was followed by a feedback call with Neelam from Client Support. This collaborative spirit solidified our trust in Marmeto.”

Epigamia 2.0: Scaling for Success

Today, Epigamia boasts a thriving online and offline presence. Their initial website, built on a basic Shopify theme, could no longer handle the increased traffic and required integrations. Marmeto has been working diligently on Epigamia 2.0, a robust website designed to:

  • Handle Increased Load: Our solution seamlessly integrates with critical systems while maintaining website speed and user experience.
  • Future-Proof the Platform: We've built a website that can accommodate Epigamia's future growth and marketing needs.


A Partnership Built on Trust

In a competitive market, loyalty is a precious commodity. So, we asked Shreyansh our favorite question - What made the Epigamia team stick with Marmeto? His answer continues to light up our team’s day: “Timing was key when we started. We had a tight turnaround and needed a dedicated resource. I had multiple conversations with Saurav, sometimes even late at night! Once, we had an issue on a Saturday, and within 10 minutes, Saurav fixed it! Marmeto has exceeded our expectations, providing solutions beyond their scope of work. We refer Marmeto without hesitation!”

Beyond the Code: Building Relationships

We often reflect on what makes businesses stick with us, and the first answer is effort. Website development is more about the human touch than just software and coding. Quality work and meeting client expectations are essential, but building a relationship with the business is what stands out. Our journey with Epigamia is a testament to the power of collaboration and dedication.

We're excited to see Epigamia 2.0 launch and support their continued rise as a dairy industry leader.

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