Marmeto’s unnatural journey with Epigamia

Marmeto’s unnatural journey with Epigamia

“I never imagined we can get to this amount of work done and reach the level we are at today with our website within days of talking about it. The sheer dedication and work calibre is awesome!”

~Shreyansh Mehta, Strategic Initiatives at Drums Food International (Epigamia)

At Marmeto, we’ve always believed in excellence and going above and beyond for our clients but when we hear such positive feedback it truly makes our day! 

In the past 2-3 years, epigamia has become a household name especially in the dairy industry. From Yogurt to smoothies to spreads, they’ve captured the health conscious millennial market while making sure that the OG audience isn’t left out!

Our relationship with the Epigamia team has been nothing short of what we expected! When they approached us with two tasks that were critical to the success of their website, little did we know that it would turn into an entire website development project for the longer haul.

The Epigamia website was conceptualized by our design partner Iterator and developed by Marmeto.

The Epigamian Issue:

Epigamia had a small hush-hush soft launch of their new website in April of this year. But within no time, this experimental D2C presence snowballed into a much larger effort owing to its instant success and the nature of the pandemic!
It was no longer a simple ecommerce website that would suffice. There was a need for a much better backend structure that streamlined operations and catered to the problem areas.  Problems ranging from an iOS bug to serviceability for selected pin codes. Nothing spells disaster like unsatisfied customers and the Epigamia team knew that only better technology could be the saviour. That’s where we came into picture. We took to their website with the enthusiasm of a young kid trying to sort out messy wires and boy did we succeed! 

We wanted to expand our distribution in tier 2 cities like Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, where we had a presence but it was run on a distributor operated model. So we were not sure how the transition would take place and how we would be able to deliver to these cities. So the pincode level checker was the first task as we did not have it. The problem was that when a user visited the website, we wanted him/her to be able to view the products but only add to cart if it was serviceable. If it wasn't, we wanted an apology message which could be sent out with a singular CTA of keeping them informed of the timeline on when we would be able to service to their doorstep.

~Shreyansh Mehta, Strategic Initiatives at Drums Food International (Epigamia)  

So, our work was cut out for us:

  • To enable a pincode checker on the D2C website 
  • To sort out the iOS bug

Shreyansh (Team Epigamia) and Saurav (Co-Founder @ Marmeto) were in constant touch throughout the project and it was the team’s dedication and determination to deliver an excellent result in the given timeline that managed to impress the Epigamia team enough to give us the website development project.
Shreyansh says, “We went ahead with Marmeto because when we had a discussion with Saurav, the way the problem was approached and the solution was provided was really good. He also gave us  2-3 more suggestions on it. There are two ways of working; one where we dictate what needs to be done and tell the agency how they need to do it and the other way is where we give a problem statement and the solution comes from both the teams. So we focus on the latter and we look for that in the tech agency because their expertise is that. The way Saurav used to dedicate his time on it given we had approached them for 2 tasks only initially, was a great thing. I knew he’s extremely occupied with all the clients at Marmeto, given his role but he gave a lot of attention to our work and most importantly met all the timelines. After every task was done, we had a feedback call with Neelam (Client Support - Marmeto). The way Saurav handled the whole thing, even from the management’s side it was a direct go ahead for the website work without search for any third party. Without comparing the commercials or anything we went ahead with it because we resonated with Marmeto.” 

Kudos to the Marmeto team and to Saurav!

Epigamia 2.0

Cut to today, we have been working with Epigamia for while now and the days of the two tasks are far behind us! Epigamia has created an identity for itself with products available both online and offline! With the massive success of a brand, the first few things that change are the reach and the demand and that’s exactly what’s happened here!
The website pilot was built on a very simple Shopify theme - Brooklyn - that could not withstand the load of the tech changes we worked on. Factoring in the need of the hour while future proofing the website, the Epigamia team needed a solution that could bear the load of some crucial integrations at the core and still be robust enough to meet the marketing team’s expectations for a seamless and fast user experience! 

And, that's exactly what we did!

For the last couple of months, we’ve been working on a site which will take into consideration all the changes that are needed at this point in time, while not impacting the site load time or the amount of visitors to their website! We could tell you what we did but then that would simply suck all the fun out of the launch of the new theme!

So, hold your horses because coming soon is Epigamia 2.0!

The Marmeto-Epigamia Relation:

In a market as competitive as ours, it's rare to see a business choose to stick with a tech partner unless there is something they really appreciate about them! So, we just had to ask Shreyansh our favorite question - What made the Epigamia team stick by with Marmeto?

His answer continues to light up the entire team’s day- “When we started, timing was a key thing. We had a turnaround time and we needed a dedicated resource on it. I was the key POC from my team and I used to have multiple conversations with Saurav, sometimes even at 12-12:30 am! I remember once we had an issue with a sheet that  was hampering functionality and this happened on a Saturday. Within 10 minutes Saurav got the issue fixed for us! This was a very positive thing for us! The Marmeto team has exceeded our expectations and given us solutions that weren't even in their scope of work! It was an unnatural experience where their sheer dedication and work calibre amazed us! Now, if anyone approached us for tech work, we refer them to Marmeto without hesitation!” 


We often stop and think about what makes businesses stick with us and the first answer that comes to mind is effort. Website development, contrary to belief, is more about the humane touch than the software and coding people perceive it to be. Sure, the work you put in has to be of a certain quality and put to the client’s expectations, however, what stands out more, is the relationship you build with the business. As techies, we understand that if the intent and vision is missing, every project can turn into a transactional effort in the attempt of being ticked off a checklist! But, we like to remind ourselves everyday, that we’re creating a piece of tech that builds, sustains and grows businesses and we owe our existence to them! Unless one treats every project as their own, you won’t reach too far!

As for Epigamia, seldom do we meet a team that resonates with us. Team Epigamia is exactly that! And that’s all the cherry we needed to top this cake off with!