The Melio Escapades | Helping children manifest their latent talents

In life, we’re always competing against our own selves, or others! The exhilarating thrill of a competition drives one to perform better and metamorphose into a more determined and evolved individual. However, competitions can easily take a more negative and ugly turn unless handled in a proper manner. When we first started working with Melio, we were awestruck. What we had been exposed to as children faded in light of the world built by Melio. We didn't know that a more structured, a more friendly and a more safe space could exist in tandem with the fast paced environment of competitions. 

That was our first deep dive into the world of Melio and as we continued working on their website, we continued to learn more about the interactive world of e-competitions for children!

What is MELIO?

In the traditional educational set up, children are taught ways which will enhance the intellectual aspects of their personality. However, the gap between only theoretical and theoretical coupled with vocalization, expression and presentation still exists. These are skill sets that are integral to an individual’s growth throughout their lives and Melio is a platform that lets children explore these aspects of their personality in a safe and constructive way. By providing a competitive environment coupled with situations that require one to lead, Melio helps bring out the latent talent within children. 

“The difference is between creating a competitive environment and creating an environment that circles around competition. Competition, at its core, is a game. Every game requires a reward for it to be successful. We focus on bringing out the latent talent in children by providing a safe, constructive learning environment backed by a motivation to engage, enhance and provide feedback for a holistic growth” 

~Priyanka Subramanian (Co Founder, Melio)

Having tried and tested different models for conducting their e-challenges from recordings one-on-one sessions to groups of 10 children each, Melio has unearthed the perfect course of action for their e-challenges.

Their ideology is based on three principles:

  • Small group Live online competitions.
  • All-Rounder Profiles - Competitions on multiple skills to help explore and discover the children’s talents.
  • Quick Feedback Loops - Live scoring and judging, builds for instant gratification and celebration.

Melio aims to create a space wherein children can let go of their fear, nervousness and hesitation and test the waters to explore and showcase talents and increase their own confidence. A one of a kind platform, Melio helps children from ages 6 to 14 years as well as their parents in providing a well rounded and structured growth plan which focuses not only on their today but also on their tomorrow as adults.

The MARMETO-MELIO Connection!

Our journey with Melio commenced with their need to have an interactive Shopify website that could cater to their unique offerings. As the target audience for Melio was children as well as their parents, we knew we had our work cut out to develop an easy to use yet effective website.

Gunjan & I, having already mapped the user journey, knew exactly the specifics of the product flow. However, building this user flow on Shopify is where the gap lay. The technical nitty gritties and nuances of Shopify were unknown to us. That is where Marmeto stepped in as our tech expert, guiding us to digital success!”. 

~Priyanka Subramanian (Co Founder, Melio)

We’ve always maintained that Marmeto helps brands revolutionize their digital identity and often, our work precedes our actual conversations. When we first spoke to Melio, they had been facing issues with their backend to the extent that it was hampering the existing clientele. Having already heard of the Marmeto effect, they put their trust in us and gave us the free reign to get their tech completely cleaned and redeveloped. 

“We had been using Shopify but were handicapped on the tech front. Having had a negative experience in the past, we knew we wanted an expert to redo our backend and redevelop our website. Once we started working with Marmeto, it was a smooth journey from then on. We always felt that the folks at Marmeto know what they’re doing and are experts at it!”  

~Lohi Uppalapati (Head of Operations, Melio)

The Melio team’s undying faith in us further ignited the embers of tech passion. With revamping an entire homepage in 24 hours to delivering an amazing website , we were there, side by side with Melio, as they moved into the next leg of their digital journey! 

“The timelines were always on point. Saurav and team surprised us with their speed of working! Once the homepage was revamped, it looked completely different. The best part of working with Marmeto was that whenever we needed their assistance, they were there!”

~Lohi Uppalapati (Head of Operations, Melio)


Our working relationship with Melio is far from over. With such a wide array of activities offered to children and parents, we’re constantly working on integrating tech and creating solutions to mitigate future challenges. 

The first leg of our journey was a roller coaster ride to say the least but an extremely enriching and fulfilling one!

We’re excited for what’s to come next!

Stay tuned for more on the Melio Escapades!

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