PLUSH : The Repeat Affair

PLUSH : The Repeat Affair

Over the last 3 years, we’ve worked on over 300 websites! At times we’ve helped businesses get an aesthetic facelift and at times solved complex problems with our technical expertise. Everytime we’re posed with a problem that we don’t know the solution to, we find a way to solve it anyway! This  enthusiasm to take projects headon stems from the Marmeto DNA built over the years. Website development is seldom a continuous effort. So imagine our joy when a client stays in touch for their technical needs over 2 years and approaches us again for the re-development of their current website (also formerly worked upon by us)! Plush, isn’t just a client. It’s one of our longest relationships with a brand and an excellent example of patronage!


Let’s talk Plush!

The brainchild of Ketan Munoth and Prince Kapoor, Plush, is a brand with a purpose! A new age femme care brand focused on normalizing the stigma around periods. However, the inquisitive cats that we are, we had to ask Ketan how they do it! His response shows us the passion behind a brand with an  intent!

Though Prince and I have started Plush, we get insights from so many women,  our family members, our teammates, our clients, on their periods, pain levels, changes in mood, flow,  cycles, etc. Plush depends on these insights as no matter how much Prince and I try, we cannot bring those in-depth insights to the table. Over the last 2 years, we’ve improved on our research with these experiences coming in to create products that truly address the need rather than simply justifying the reason for our existence!”

~Ketan Munoth (Co-Founder @ Urban Essentials Pvt Ltd)

Our early days with Plush

Our journey begins with Plush’s first website. When Ketan and Prince first got in touch with our co-founders, Saurav and Shashwat. We had been around for about a year and were all but a bunch of newbies in the industry.When the first Plush website was created in 2018, the design was taken care of in-house by Plush. We supported them through our development efforts, realising their designs onto Shopify!

Over the course of 2 years, we worked with Ketan and the team on multiple occasions, often making small enhancements / additions to the website! However, this time around, they didn’t need a change. They came to us with a design that was essentially Plush 2.0! Better in every form and with a very clear idea of the goal they were trying to achieve - increased conversions!

Plush’s pain areas

The basic push for redevelopment came from design. We observed that our website was functional enough but conversions were not that high. Something was missing in the UI that just failed to bring that much needed wow factor for women to the table! We also had a subscription offering through Recurpay which wasn’t being emphasized efficiently! So we took a step back and redesigned the whole thing to make it more aesthetically pleasing, and functional concerning the mobile view. We had a design agency working on the redesigning and Marmeto working on the redevelopment!

~Ketan Munoth (Co-Founder @ Urban Essentials Pvt Ltd)

When one thinks of redeveloping, it usually involves addressing the current problems and that's it. Call it a fault if you must but we don’t believe in delivering temporary solutions! While Plush was facing issues today, we had to think about the issues they would face in the future and deliver a solution that would be beneficial for them in the long run! Our thoroughness helped us to create a futuristic solution that would enable the team to edit their website without having to completely change certain elements. 

And boy, did we truly deliver!

As Plush grew, so did we! Here’s what a pleasantly surprised Ketan had to say:

The second time around, there were many structures and processes in place. This time, Saurav was personally involved in the project! It was far more systematized and the weekly feedback call was a bit of a pleasant surprise! Wherever a bottleneck happened, Saurav or Shashwat were just a call away! They understand Shopify and as we are completely built on Shopify, their knowledge becomes paramount to our website’s success! Plush may not know the tech but Marmeto does and we’ve gotten a very positive feedback from people!

~Ketan Munoth (Co-Founder @ Urban Essentials Pvt Ltd)

Seems like Plush 2.0, found a new partner in what seemed like Marmeto 2.0! The same energy, just better structured, more organized and more mindful!

 Leo Tolstoy, in War and Peace, wrote “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” Marmeto’s philosophy is simple; a website is a brand’s baby, and we need to dedicate time, energy, and effort in nurturing it and helping it grow! Smart work gets you halfway but if one is not attentive towards client feedback, all the smart work in the world can only get one so far! That is why we focus on always being there for clients pre, during, and even post development! 

Don’t believe us? Let’s see what Ketan had to say about it!

I’ve worked with Saurav and Shashwat both over the years! Their most important qualities are them being good listeners, patient, and detail-oriented! They spend time to understand what is required for the final output. They like to work on long term solutions and not something that is a quick fix. I don't understand Shopify technicalities as much as they do but their integrity is always admirable. If we had an idea for the website which was not compatible with Shopify, instead of working and later getting back with a no-go, they would be upfront and tell us there and then! It goes a long way to build credibility and avoid time being wasted! 

~Ketan Munoth (Co-Founder @ Urban Essentials Pvt Ltd)


Call them clients or businesses or brands. At the core of it, our patrons are people, just like the ones serving them at Marmeto. We believe in building a foundation with the people in our team and in building long lasting relationships with our patrons. Just like any startup, our technical skills evolve & our team gains expertise over time. Good or bad, at the end of every project, the people (clients) always connect with other people (Marmetians). And as long as they have a few kind words to say about us, we believe we’re on the right path and so shall we continue.

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