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Superkicks Success Story

Superkicks is a pioneering company in the connected footwear industry with over 12 reputed brands currently listed under them. Sangeet Paryani opened the Superkicks store in Mumbai, drawing inspiration from his father's enterprise; it was likely around five years ago when the establishment was first envisioned. The store features popular models, trendsetters, and modern, aesthetically pleasing designs like the Nike Air Jordan, Adidas Ultra Boost, Nike Vapormax, and many more with high quality.

Being the master franchisee and distributor in Rajasthan for some of the best sportswear brands like Adidas, Reebok, etc. the Superkicks team is continually expanding and developing worldwide with acclaimed shoe designs.

The company recently switched to the Shopify Plus platform with FCFS and raffle system integration. Here is a small brief of what FCFS and Raffle system means as the unique marketing strategy that was built for Superkicks:

FCFS means The "first-come, first-served" (FCFS) system in which the priority is given to the person or entity that arrives or makes a request first. In Shopify, FCFS refers to a setup where products are sold and fulfilled on a "first-come, first-served" basis. This means that when a customer places an order for a product in a Shopify store with an FCFS system setup, the product is reserved for that customer and marked as "sold" or "out of stock" to prevent others from purchasing the same product. 

And the "raffle system" refers to a method of selling products where customers purchase tickets or entries for a chance to win the opportunity to purchase a limited quantity or high-demand product. It is often used for products that are in high demand and have limited availability, such as limited edition items, exclusive releases, or highly sought-after merchandise.


After migrating to Shopify Plus, the Superkicks team has been able to dedicate its efforts solely to brand growth and innovative footwear product experimentation.

Having faith in Shopify Plus's ability to scale regardless of how quickly Superkicks grows enabled the company to reach millions in sales, achieve a healthy revenue rate, and become one of the fastest-growing all-around footwear brands.