A Shopify Plus Solution

Selectively Hide COD Option With Smarter Checkouts

Safeguard your online business and minimize losses, risks, and handling costs.

Minimize impulsive purchases and fraud.

Reduce losses due to free returns.

Obtain authentic customer information.

Assured payments for costly/fragile products.

The Problem

COD (Cash on Delivery) has been a sensitive topic of discussion in the e-commerce market space. Though it enables buyers to confidently shop online without a debit/credit card, this payment method is fraught with uncertainty and inconvenience for e-commerce retailers.

While COD is a popular payment choice by buyers in many countries,  as an online retailer looking to grow your business, the question arises, ‘At what cost?’

COD comes with its own challenges, leaving sellers vulnerable to delivery cancellations, additional logistics costs, damages during delivery, returns and refund issues, fraud, cash flow, and other related issues. 

40% of COD orders get returned to their origin in India alone.  A single return reportedly costs an online retailer INR 50-150 depending on the parcel size. It is also one of the most preferred payment methods in Southeast Asian countries.

However, with online buyers increasingly adopting digital payments in these markets, it may be just the right time for online retailers to promote digital transactions and minimize the business risks associated with COD transactions.

Smart checkout solutions from Marmeto for Hiding COD payment gateways can help!

The Solution

There’s no doubt that COD has played a vital role in driving e-commerce, especially in regions characterized by low awareness and poor infrastructure for online payments. At the same time, you cannot ignore the high costs associated with unsuccessful CODs.

One way to get around this problem is to restrict COD payment options in specific high-risk conditions and leverage the growing acceptance of digital payment to mitigate risks and losses for your online store.

Marmeto’s dedicated solution for this use-case can help you hide the COD option from high-risk transactions, including customer-specific issues, the perishable or fragile nature of the product, the total cart price, and other such conditions unique to your online store.

How Does This Feature Work?

This solution can be custom-implemented on Shopify Plus websites.

It enables online retailers using Shopify Plus to hide the customers’ COD option while making the payment. Merchants can thus control the payment options for their customers based on the risk potential of the transaction.

To explain, if you are on the Shopify Plus plan, you could restrict COD to your customers - for example, based on their geographical location - while promoting assured sales.

By hiding the COD option during checkout, you can also implement payment controls based on the nature of the fragile shipment, such as glassware, electronics, etc. Along with supporting pre-paid sales, it safeguards your business against losses caused by returns due to accidental damage by a third party during delivery.

In addition, the capability to hide the COD payment option if the cart exceeds a specific value is another enhancement that helps retailers on Shopify Plus minimize the risks associated with such transactions.

In a nutshell, by incorporating COD hiding capabilities, Shopify Plus supports your online business, giving you more control over when and how your customers can pay using the Cash on Delivery payment method.

Why Do We Need It?

Hiding the COD option for your customers while they’re at checkout helps you minimize the inherent risks associated with COD.

These risks include your customers’ refusal to accept delivery, trolls seeking to annoy others,  high costs of logistics, and refund processing that can impact your overall profitability.

Although COD helps you to increase the number of orders up to a specific price point, beyond that it may need a careful review within your overall ecommerce strategy. 

Shopify Plus’s COD hiding feature frees you of the worries related to risky COD purchases and lets you focus on your business and enhance customer interactions in your online store.


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