Invity Unlocks Global Expansion with Marmeto

Explore how Invity partnered with Marmeto to cut operational costs, enable multi-currency checkout, and achieve global expansion with BigCommerce. Experience increased sales and streamlined operations for sustainable growth.


Invity is a transformative skincare and wellness brand that is relentlessly pushing the boundaries of science to offer longevity solutions inspired by epigenetics research. Located in Singapore, this pioneering company has a community of scientists studying metabolic pathways such as NAD, Sirtuin, and AMPK in the human body. They are committed to providing cutting-edge, science- backed cell restoring formulas that help humans delay the effect of aging and become their most youthful selves in every way. 

As a global wellness brand, Invity faced difficulties targeting the international market due to the non-available of multi-currencies in their e-commerce platform. High transaction costs, technical limitations, and the need for multiple third-party applications to support their e-commerce business was impeding their global ambitions. To address these issues, Invity partnered with Marmeto, a renowned e-commerce solutions provider to migrate its e-commerce platform to Bigcommerce. This case study explores how Marmeto helped Invity with the migration of their e-commerce platform.

Invity Case Study