A full-stack e-commerce marketing platform to generate more revenue, boost customer retention, and automate personalized experiences.

How this partnership benefits you

Omnichannel Marketing

Access a holistic view of your customer so you can craft omnichannel marketing experiences that drive conversions by reaching customers where they are!

Automated Sales

Implement hyper-personalized automations that are powered by AI and predictive analytics to drive more sales and conversions!

Data Aggregation & Analytics

Eliminate data silos and unify customer data to build shopper profiles that enhance your marketing efforts!

Loyalty Program

Increase customer retention and brand loyalty by implementing a loyalty program that rewards customers with Points, Referrals, etc.

About Contlo

Contlo is a full-stack commerce data and marketing platform that is built ground up for eCommerce & D2C brands and takes care of use cases specific to the eCommerce merchants, out of the box. Contlo enables eCommerce stores & D2C brands to boost their sales, drive customer loyalty, and customer retention using omnichannel customer engagement channels such as Email, SMS, WhatsApp & Web Push.