LimeChat is a one-stop conversational marketing solution for D2C brands.

How this partnership benefits you

The only Level-3 AI bot

While all other bots in the market are generalised automation solutions that dilute their efficacy, LimeChat is built keeping in mind the unique problems faced by e-commerce companies, thus delivering stellar results.

Human-level conversational experience

LimeChat humanizes product discovery with personalized recommendations and provides a store-like buying experience by instantly addressing product-specific queries.

Drive 2X conversions and reduce CAC

3x Conversions compared to Email + SMS

10% Conversion for Abandoned Checkouts

2x Conversions compared to competitors

Manage all customer conversations

LimeChat’s Helpdesk manages all customer conversations across channels on a single platform

About LimeChat

LimeChat is your one-stop conversational marketing solution. It leverages conversational mediums and Level-3 AI automation to create the most compelling experiences online for the end consumers and help brands double their ecommerce sales.

Their conversational marketing suite consists of a Level-3 AI bot, WhatsApp remarketing, and a Helpdesk.