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Marmeto's partnership
with Omuni

We've partnered with India’s fastest growing omnichannel retail platform, Omuni, powered by Arvind Internet, one of India’s most respected companies in fashion with divisions in textiles, retail, and brands which is helping them power the omnichannel roadmap of 50+ global brands.

About Omuni

Omuni, powered by Arvind Internet is India’s leading omnichannel retail enablement platform built by retail practitioners and industry insiders who understand the complexities of omnichannel retail transformations, both technological and operational. Omuni powers the omnichannel roadmap of 50+ global brands covering a network of 5000+ stores.

The Marmeto-Omuni offers for you


Omuni integrates with existing ERP I POS I WMS I IMS I 3P marketplaces

Success fee model

Omuni offers pay as you go and pay as you succeed methods with no hardware cost involved

Faster time to market

Omuni lets businesses go live in less than five weeks


Omunii powers online & offline through endless aisle, save-the-sale, click & collect, scan & shop etc.

Retail enablement

Omuni empowers process transformation, on-ground support, change management and workforce training


Omuni delivers customer journey’s in the cloud at one go with omnified analytics, loyalty, store-site etc.


Q: How does Omuni help businesses?

A: With its one-stop solution for delivering omnichannel customer experiences, Omuni helps businesses by covering all the phases in customer journey with a unified 360-degree view of customers across all touchpoints

Q: How does Omuni help with Ordering & fulfilment?

A: Omuni lets your customers collect and/or return their favorite products in-store or online, leading to fulfilling customer experience through website/app ordering, buy online pick up at the store and warehouse fulfilment

Q: How does Omuni help with Personalization?

A: Omuni helps deliver hyper-personalized shopping experiences across multiple touchpoints and build meaningful relationships with actionable insights about your customers through personalized omnichannel emails, Business intelligence and Dynamic vouchers and pricing

Q: How does Omuni help with Discovery?

A: Omuni helps your customers discover their favourite products anytime, anywhere and on-the-go through endless aisle, scan & shop, consumer app annd lookbooks.

Q: How does Omuni help with Assisted selling?

A: Omuni helps access your inventory in a single interface and increase your Like-to-like (LTL) sales through save the sale feature, endless aisles and clienteling

Q: How does Omuni help with Clienteling?

A: Omuni helps deliver integrated shopping experiences that allow your channel-hopping customers to shop anywhere and everywhere, whether its in-store, online or both simultaneously through Native app, Omnichannel enabled personalization and CRM

About Marmeto

Marmeto is an Information Technology company. Our aspiration – to become a top-notch business in the service industry and to develop awesome tech products that help businesses scale to unimaginable heights. We have one belief – hard work with 100% dedication always yields complete client satisfaction, which is what we are constantly working towards. Other than that, it’s simply a magic potion of honesty, loyalty, and morality that unifies our team to deliver the best to our clients.

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