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Increase Customer Satisfaction with a Pin Code Checker!

Avoid unhappy customers & reduce abandoned carts with our custom built "Pin Code Validation" feature on your Shopify Plus website.

Better Customer Experience in the Buying Journey.

Reduced Abandoned Carts in the Checkout Process.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Customer Loyalty and Brand Affinity.

The Problem

- How do I restrict order placements from specific geographical locations?
- How can I prevent disgruntled customers who find out that their pin code is not serviceable at the last stage of checkout?
- Our products have a short shelf-life, as a result we don't deliver pan India. How do we specify that on the website?

Ecommerce poses a myriad of challenges specific to respective domains. However, unserviceable pin codes is a challenge that most ecommerce brands have faced irrespective of the industry in the past 2 years! First owing to the country wide lockdowns, followed by individual state lockdowns, clear communication to the customers with respect to the pin codes that are serviceable and can receive deliveries became vital in order to prevent disgruntled customers. Put aside this unfortunate turn of events, in our country, Shopify merchants often face this problem owing to political unrest or border restrictions. Most brands still do not accept orders to the J&K regions, thanks to the unreasonably high logistical costs whereas some others steer clear of the north-eastern states owing to political unrest.

This is where our "Pin Code Validation" solution comes in!

The Solution

No matter how great your customer service is, if your website doesn't have a pin code validation / pin code checker feature, you will face at least one of these 2 situations:

1) The customer will place an order from a pin code that is not serviceable. You will then have to manually call them or email them and cancel the order. Incase it's a prepaid order, the refund of the transaction amount will need to be initiated simultaneously.

2) The customer will browse through all the collections, spend a long time on shortlisting their products , finally to reach the checkout page where they'll enter the address only to find out that their pin code isn't serviceable.

In either cases, the end result = disgruntled / angry / annoyed / irritated customer.

The key to avoid this is to set up the pin code validation feature at the point where customer is in the consideration phase of the marketing funnel. Before the customer can add the product to the cart, they need to be informed if the pin code is serviceable.

How Does This Feature Work?

This solution can only be custom-built on Shopify Plus websites.

This feature can be deployed in 2 situations:

1) If specific products listed on the online store are serviceable to specific pincodes, this pin code checker can be deployed at the product listing level. Here, once the customer clicks on a product and is taken to the product listing page, there will be a mandatory pin code input field for checking serviceability to the location before the customer can add the product to cart.

2) In case all the products on the website have the same pin code serviceability at any given time, this feature can be deployed at the entry level on the online store. Once a customer logs on to the website, this pop up window will act as a barrier to shopping on the online store unless the pin code is serviceable.

Bonus Tip - We generally recommend situation 1 over 2. It's better to keep the entire website & products accessible and open to all markets even if they aren't serviceable. This helps increase brand awareness incase we want to target those pin codes in the future.

Why Do We Need It?

We've all experienced the frustration first hand, when we finally come across a product that we like only to realize that it cannot be delivered to our pin code! For a brand that is putting in any resources into marketing their online store, every frustrated or disgruntled customer amounts up to a combined loss of 3 orders. 1st is the customer who cannot place an order, 2nd and 3rd are the two potential customers you'll lose owing to the annoyed customers negative word of mouth.

In today's day and age time is the most important resource. When you're fortunate enough to have customers spending their valuable time on your website only to lead nowhere, they tend to feel cheated and taken for a ride. This unpleasant experience sets your brand back a couple of steps leading to reduced brand affinity and trust.

What may look like a minor inconvenience to the brand in reality can damage the brand positioning in the longer run!
The pin code validation feature prevents this turn of events by clearly filtering out buyers in the awareness or consideration phase.


Pin Code Validation as seen on...

A simple and effective Pin Code Validation solution for Shopify Plus stores that is focused on reducing abandoned checkouts and increasing customer satisfaction on your online store.

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