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Here is some of the work done making business go super easy and efficient.

Qtrove: Marketplace Implementation on Shopify

Qtrove was first of its kind e-commerce venture trying to curate sellers from across the country and make them sale Online with minimum possible friction. The challenge was to design the architecture in such a way that the systems are scalable, stable and don’t need much monitoring/maintenance.

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Shyn: Conversion

A Shopify Plus Commerce site struggling with Conversion rates and a burden of poor customer experience.

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Aqualens: Custom Checkout

Aqualens deals in daily lenses which can be used one time. As the daily lenses are frequently used by the customers, the customer will either have to purchase in bulk or they will have to place orders daily basis. So they want something where the customer can subscribe to the product and the order will be created automatically regularly.

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Kisan: Partial Payment

To develop a solution for partial payment on Shopify. The problem is as the amount of stall booking is a bit high the customers can’t pay the full amount in one place which causes a big problem in converting those customers. So we need a solution where the customer just needs to pay a fixed amount for booking a stall and the next pending payment will be done after a certain period of order creation.

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Flomattress: Made to Measure

Customers on a general basis do not understand the size of beds/mattresses. This was a common issue as the mattress sizes provided by Brands was not matching their requirements. This caused a lot of exchange and returns of the products. Such issues led to poor user experience as well as a high RTO cost.

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Soulflower: E-commerce Development

To increase the retention rate for its customers, the company had introduced a loyalty program to incentivize customers and increase repeat purchase rates.
Thus, automation was no longer a luxury but a requirement.

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Wonderchef: Checkout Customizations

Filling address multiple times during a single checkout session is a big pain point. We had a solution to pre-fill but this had some more used cases as to what if the customer wants to change his/ her address. Such issues led to poor user experience and drops in the checkout session.

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Mordialloc florist: Optimising Ops with Automations and Insights

An Australian entrepreneur looking for reliable Tech Partners to build solutions which could help him optimize operational efficiency.

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Headphone zone

From the moment a customer puts in a request for listing his pre-owned products to the time they are getting listed on the platform, and then being sold is completely a manual process thus demanding increased man-hours to accomplish this task, thereby reducing the efficiency of the firm in total.
Thus, automation was no longer a luxury but a requirement.

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