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Shopify Plus is Shopify’s premium plan. It’s an enterprise solution for the rapidly growing brands. In simple words, it’s the Godfather of the Shopify family. It knows everything and does everything, better, faster and more.

As the name might suggest "Shopify Plus" does bring along a considerable amount of “plus” value with it’s enterprise plan or as Shopify Plus puts it, “The new way to grow. The new enterprise.

As an ecommerce merchant, you’re spoilt for options when it comes to choosing the right platform for your store! Every ecommerce platform provides you with very basic features at a reasonable cost.

Increase conversions by up to 35% & avoid checkout drops with our custom built "2-step checkout" feature on your Shopify Plus website.

Where COD orders make for 70% of ecommerce business orders, the average return rate for ecommerce business is up to 40% in some cases! This leads to operational and logistical losses in addition to loss of product on occasion! This is where our Mobile OTP verification for COD solution comes in!

Brands can brace themselves for order cancellations and returns while covering their logistical costs. The probability of cancellations or returns of fraudulent orders or non-serious buyers reduces by charging a small delivery fee.

Avoid unhappy customers & reduce abandoned carts with our custom built "Pin Code Validation" feature on your Shopify Plus website.

Reduce COD orders & decrease your order return rate with our custom built "Prepaid Incentivization" feature on your Shopify Plus website.

Drive Incremental Sales & build customer loyalty with our custom built "Single-Click Discount" feature on your Shopify Plus website.

Capture GST Numbers or survey your customers for building a more accurate consumer profile with this feature on your Shopify Plus Store.

Improve your e-commerce website's cart experience with our custom built "Empty Cart Upsell" feature on your Shopify website.

COD comes with its own challenges, leaving sellers vulnerable to delivery cancellations, additional logistics costs, damages during delivery, returns and refund issues, fraud, cash flow, and other related issues. 

Custom quiz to drive interactions and boost sales. Engage with your customers to offer personalization and meet their expectations.


In the vast sea of information overload out there, here's what you must know about the do's and don'ts of ecommerce.

The perfect domain extension not only helps target customers in your country of choice but also opens up doors to future conversions and more traffic on your website!

A brand’s name is an identity in itself! It’s what defines it! As wacky as the name is, the audience will envision the services provided with the name of itself!

When you open a web browser, you usually see your favorite websites mentioned right on the home page. The name is displayed along with an icon which is a distinguishing factor that states its identity without the need for a name! Those, my friends, are favicons.

Fix it, stick it, pin it, freeze it, use a combination, it’s all up to you! Website development is a dynamic industry that is constantly evolving. What works today, maybe obsolete tomorrow!

The question going through your mind right now would surely be “What in the world?” Let’s make this simpler! We’re talking about websites!

For a website, the UX means everything and long scrolling can create a completely immersive browsing experience. We’re currently in the middle of a tech boom and everyone is on level grounds!

There was a time before smartphones when users were comfortable with both vertical and horizontal scroll due to the mass use of mouses. As more and more users got hooked on mobiles, the nature of scrolling started evolving.

For brands that have been around for some time, the trick is well understood and safely tucked away to be used when the time is right! However, for newer brands, it’s a time for experimentation!

A website is not only a sales channel but also a brand’s digital identity and one of the most important ones too! That being said, what about the relatively newer or lesser-known ecommerce websites? Their stories, challenges, triumphs go unheard, right? Not necessarily!

If you own an eCommerce website or are thinking of launching your website, we hate to break it to you, but you could be losing money if your cart isn’t designed for conversions!

With eCommerce being in the limelight today, everyone is trying and testing different ideas to maximize sales. Seasonal sale seasons are a sweet spot.

Emojis have changed the way we text today! One associates deeply with an emoji’s implication. It has the power to depict an entire range of human emotions and accurately at that!

As a website owner, you have to understand that for any website to reduce its energy consumption, it has to be optimized perfectly to reduce load time!

With the advent of festivals, one thing that took over television sets, mobile phones, internet and newspapers was the online sale. Today, eCommerce is not just buying and selling online; it’s much more than that.

A website is a beauty and beauties often need a touch-up on the most important days! Get her some new colours, a bit of facelift, some discounted goodies and there! You have a merry new Festive Website!

A detailed comparison between Shopify and WooCommerce, two of the most popular e-commerce platforms.