6 Thanksgiving Sales Ideas to Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue

6 Thanksgiving Sales Ideas to Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, merchants all the way! Oh, what fun it is to plan the perfect holiday!"

We’ve just finished writing up our festive blog series and we’ve realized two things a lot of d2c and enterprise brands mess up with:

– How to pick the holidays that are right for their promo strategy

– How to plan holiday marketing all year round

You see, the delicate dance of ecommerce promotions is that every holiday is a potential sales opportunity but you should only go with the ones that align with your product assortment.

For reference, 

Start your promotions on the dainty side, like offering a lower percentage off. Think of it as testing the waters in the vast ocean of consumer desire. This way, you can ramp up the promo if it doesn’t work at that lower level.

Another Tip -

Build out your promotion plan toward the end of the previous year and then keep it YOY with modifications based on your learnings or evolving sales goals. A common mistake companies make is making their promos stronger YOY to keep up with sales, but after a few years, there is nowhere to go without losing more and more margin. 

You don't want to be the fool who consistently cranks up the promo madness year after year, only to find yourself teetering on the precipice of bankruptcy, desperately tossing discounts like confetti at a wedding gone wild. That's not the kind of marriage you want with your business.

Now that we have our basics in place, let’s get on with the promos! Here are -

12 Days of Deals for Marketing your Online Store this Christmas

Day 1: Percentage Off

On the first day of deals, my true store gave to me: a whopping percentage off, absolutely free! Picture this – your customers scrolling through your website, eyes widening as they realize there's no minimum purchase required. It's like telling them, "Hey, come join the holiday fun – the more, the merrier!"

Example: Bed Bath & Beyond knows how to kick off the holiday season with a bang. They offer a fantastic 15% off on a wide range of products, no minimum purchase required. Customers flock to their website to grab great deals on holiday decorations and gifts.

Day 2: Dollar Amount Off

On the second day, let's talk about Dollar Amount Off deals. Think of it as a treasure hunt. Your customers spend a certain amount around $40, and wow they get $10 Off! They unlock a chest full of savings. It's like finding a surprise gift under the tree – the more you search, the more joy you find.

Example: Chewy, the online pet supply retailer, often runs a promotion where customers can get $30 off their purchase of $100 or more. 

Day 3: BOGO – Buy One, Get One Free

Here comes BOGO – the classic holiday romance of the shopping world. It's like saying, "Why have one when you can have two?" This deal is so good; it's practically the mistletoe of promotions – irresistible and bound to bring people together.

Example: Ajio, a popular online marketplace, delighted shoppers with a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) promotion on their home and kitchen products. Customers could buy one product and receive another of equal or lesser value for free, creating a fantastic holiday shopping experience. This promotion not only boosted sales for Ajio but also helped customers stock up on essential items for their homes during the festive season. 

Day 4: BOGO50 – Buy One, Get One 50% Off

BOGO50 – the savvy sibling of BOGO. It's like having a dessert after your meal – not necessary, but oh-so-delicious. Customers get half off the second item, making it a win-win for everyone. It's the promo that keeps on giving!

For example - A Few Wood Men stands out as a designer brand renowned for its exquisite wooden merchandise. In a strategic move to attract and delight customers, this brand harnesses the appeal of 'Buy One, Get One' (BOGO) deals, inviting shoppers to explore and invest in their thoughtfully curated product bundles.

Day 5: GWP - Gift with Purchase

Gifts with purchase – the true holiday spirit captured in a deal. Imagine your customers' delight when they receive an unexpected gift with their purchase. It's like finding an extra cookie at the bottom of the cookie jar – pure joy!

Example: "Sephora included a 'Gift with Purchase' promotion for every order above $35 during the holiday season. Customers received a surprise beauty product in their package, leading to an increase in customer loyalty and repeat purchases."

Day 6: Buy Now and Get $ or % Off on Next Purchase (Bounce back)

Ah, the Bounce back promo – the friendly reminder that good things come to those who wait. It feels like receiving a golden ticket, inviting customers back for another round of shopping. Who knows, they might just find their next favorite product, and you'll be their holiday hero!

Day 7: Bundling Good & Slow-Selling Products

Bundling good and slow-selling products is basically matchmaking for your inventory. It's about bringing together items that might not shine alone but create magic as a duo. Think of it as creating your very own power couple – the Batman and Robin of your store!

Here's an instance featuring mattress manufacturer Purple, showcasing their bundles as ideal Valentine's Day presents:

Day 8: Free Shipping, No Threshold

Free shipping is the unsung hero of online shopping. Imagine getting dessert without having to order a main course – sweet, surprising, and impossible to resist. Free shipping? 

Day 9: Free Expedited Shipping

Free expedited shipping – the holiday superhero swooping in to save the day! When regular shipping just won't cut it, expedited shipping ensures your gifts reach their destination faster than Rudolph leading Santa's sleigh.

Example: Lenovo, a technology company, offers free shipping on all orders, with no minimum spending threshold. Additionally, My Lenovo Rewards Members can enjoy free expedited delivery. This offer makes it convenient for customers to order tech gifts during the holiday season without worrying about shipping fees.

Day 10: Extra Rewards Points

On the tenth day, we're multiplying joy! Reward your customers with extra points, and watch them shop like it's a race against time. It's like turning shopping into a game – and everyone loves a game, especially when there are prizes involved!

Example: Starbucks ran a holiday rewards program, offering double stars for every purchase during the festive season. This initiative boosted customer engagement and increased the number of loyalty program members.

Day 11: Bundling Products - Same Products

Bundling the same products is like having twins – double the fun. Run it as a GWP or BOGO, and you've got a deal that's as irresistible as a plate of warm cookies. It's the kind of promo that makes customers do a happy dance.

Day 12: Flash Sales/Promos

And finally, let's end our 12 Days of Deals with a bang. It's time to flash some excitement! Flash sales are like lightning bolts of awesome, striking your store with electrifying energy. Limited-time discounts, bundled items – it's the rollercoaster ride your customers didn't know they needed! Blink, and you might miss the savings – but hey, that's half the fun.

Example: Nyka, a leading beauty and cosmetics retailer, introduced "The After Hour Flash Sale" from 9 pm to midnight during the holiday season. This limited-time sale featured deep discounts on top beauty products, creating a shopping frenzy. 


In conclusion, dear merchants, these 12 Days of Deals are your golden ticket to a holly, jolly, and incredibly successful holiday season. Let your creativity flow, add a dash of humor, and watch your customers dance through your virtual doors, leaving behind a trail of holiday cheer.

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