From AM to PM with the AM Squad

From AM to PM with the AM Squad

As an AM, I’ve to take care of two things- Account Management and Project Management. This involves the client and the team and the constant syncing of requirements and tasks is where most of my time is spent. 

~Sneha, Account Manager @ Marmeto

E-commerce is a dynamic, constantly evolving industry with tech and seamless support fueling its backend. Marmeto has built its niche using these two pillars however, seamless support often translates to round the clock assistance which for our AM Squad comes at a steep price. A price often known as; work-life balance.

Our primarily role is talking to the clients so we can have anywhere from 5-6 calls daily but the duration of these vary. This adds a burden on the other KRAs and I’ve seen my team starting their day at about 4 am on some days just to get on top of things. We’ve gotten a lot of processes in place to ensure this doesn't happen but at times, especially with urgent deliverables, it’s unavoidable.  

~Suparna, Senior Account Manager @ Marmeto

Knowing the importance of mental health and personal recuperation, Marmeto has implemented various processes into place which ensure effective management. As a growing organization scaling new heights, these processes ensure our time management game remains strong and we cater to all queries to increase customer satisfaction.

We use Trello, Slack, WhatsApp, Microsoft tools, Time Notes for recording schedules and time spent on tasks. Additionally, we have a company timesheet as well as a time notes sheet for the AM squad. This keeps the whole organization in the loop and aware of any pressing deadlines.

~Neelam, Merchant Happiness Manager @ Marmeto

Even with all the processes and policies in place, we’d just like to give the disclaimer that in this line of work, work-life balance is nothing but a myth. 

Weekdays are usually very hectic. I start my day at around 9 am and from that point onwards it's always go, go, go. Even after the official work timings, if an issue arises, I have to solve it for my clients. Powering down the laptop is one way to shut off but account managers are always in the loop with Trello, Slack, WhatsApp always active on their mobiles. If a deadline is looming, we have to make sure things get done internally on time to not push the deadline. If I complete the task today, I know tomorrow it won’t go into the pending list and add further stress to my day!

Jaya, Account Manager @ Marmeto

As Jana Kingsford once said “Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create”. 

This is something every Marmetian believes in but this is something our Account Managers live through every day! What Jaya means is not to work yourself so much that you burn yourself out. No, not at all.

It simply means investing energy, passion, determination, and most importantly time, in your today to reap the benefits of it tomorrow. Getting caught up in the present and living in the comfort zone of a balanced work-life scenario, is great for your present, but not for your future.

It’s all about how you want your future to be.  It’s going that extra mile today which ensures clients will always stay with us. Along with that comes appreciation. My clients know who I am, what I do, what my skill sets are, and what I can accomplish. Today I have an identity, not limited only as Marmeto’s employee but as an individual full of potential and purpose. That sense of recognition is what drives me to put in my 1000%.

Mounika, Account Manager @ Marmeto 

  • It all comes down to recognition. It drives us, fuels us, powers us, and pushes us! Over the years, we’ve dealt with many clients and this has helped us understand different personality types and how to handle them, and their timelines, in Marmeto’s style! 

  • Time Management is important but we don’t encapsulate it within the confines of work-life balance.

  • We break the barriers and operate in an area most fear to tread in.

That’s Marmeto for you!