Ecommerce: A Gateway to Growth or Risky Venture?

Ecommerce: A Gateway to Growth or Risky Venture?

The genesis of e-commerce in India goes back nearly two decades. In an industry which is born out of internet revolution, we all know it is the technology that provides the edge to fuel the e-commerce operations. According to a report, 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040 (Source:

E-commerce is in its golden era and opening the doors of opportunity to a myriad of entrepreneurs. Talk about ease of doing business, the range of ecommerce solutions is vast, but to match the fast pace of growing competition it still has many unravelled scope.

MARMETO - A risk Taker

We had two options either playing safe by providing existing solutions or to make new solutions and bringing India first solution on Shopify (87% merchants use the Shopify app store - Source: to solve various problems and meet multiple needs.

Every new thing is a risk, but also an opportunity. Leaping into the unknown definitely holds risk but makes it count with the opportunities it unfolds. For better or worse, taking the plunge are often celebrated, and this is what exactly happened. Playing safe wouldn’t have just made for a great journey. We would like to give credit to the technology for helping us curate many ecommerce challenges.

To provide customers with ease in their ecommerce journey, Marmeto curated a lot of e-commerce challenges on the basis of technology. Some of the areas are checkouts, marketplace operations, returns and refunds, subscriptions, etc.

Survival in the e-Commerce ecosystem is no less than a war, which has intensified the need for more comprehensive solutions for those engaged in it. At our heart with the desire to add a lot more value in terms of more features and capabilities in e-commerce, we knew we will have our work cut out for it.

But acceptance is one thing, and acceleration is another. And we chose the latter.

It is the customer who gives the verdict. This industry has become so fierce, that it has made survival as a matter of concern for many ecommerce players. Every move you make in ecommerce, customers are watching it. Ecommerce isn't just about transactions anymore, it is about building relationships with customers.

64% of customers keep customer experience above price (Source:

The customer’s verdict: This is the Future!

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