Marmeto Turns 4: Celebrating Innovation and Empowering Ecommerce Success

Marmeto Turns 4: Celebrating Innovation and Empowering Ecommerce Success

Nothing has changed. 
4 years later, we've only just begun. 

The only reason we have reached this milestone today is because of the support and cooperation we have got from our clients. We owe everything to them and our team. It is only because of their trust that we've been on our toes, continuing to deliver beyond their expectations. ~ Shashwat

What started from 3 people burning the midnight oil in a co-working space has turned to 3 people burning the midnight oil in a co-founder's house.
Life has come a full circle.

We started Marmeto with one goal; to solve our partners'  problems in the best optimized manner possible. Cut to 4 years later, we're still adding value to their businesses and serving them better each day. That is something I truly cherish. ~ Prabhat

The clientele has grown along with our expertise, the team has grown bringing along a new set of curious minds but most importantly, WE have grown - personally & professionally. 

Learning is a lifelong process. They say one failure teaches you what 100 successes couldn't. When 3 passionate individuals run a bootstrapped business and accelerate full speed for 4 years, needless to say they will have their fair share of failures. But when you learn from those failures fast enough to turn them into successes, that's when you know you're on the right path. ~ Saurav

Countless hours of lines of code, calls & meetings later, we've come to one realization. In the world of services, it's less of "what you do" but more of "how you do it" that matters. We had and always will serve you better today, than we did yesterday.
Because at the end of the day, clients don't make organizations.
People do. And you are our kinda people. :)

With sincerest gratitude.
Shashwat, Prabhat & Saurav.
(Still building Marmeto)

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