Exclusive Offers for Mastercard Business Cardholders from Marmeto

Marmeto, a leading eCommerce partner agency, has announced its partnership with Mastercard, a global technology leader in the payments industry, to offer Mastercard Business cardholders’ savings on select Shopify services through Mastercard Easy Savings Specials.

Through this partnership, Marmeto and Mastercard aim to empower businesses of all sizes to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and unlock savings. Mastercard Business cardholders can now save on Marmeto’s select services, including site speed audits, UI/UX audits, and ecommerce consultations. Mastercard Easy Savings Specials make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to run, grow, and secure their businesses by bringing relevant offers across the categories that matter most. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Mastercard to provide Mastercard Business cardholders with an added layer of value and savings,” said Saurav, co-founder at Marmeto. “As more businesses continue to pivot towards Shopify, our services are more critical than ever. This partnership will enable us to provide even greater support to businesses, helping them to stay competitive and thrive in today’s rapidly changing business environment.”

The Business Mastercard is a powerful tool for businesses looking to manage their expenses, control their spending, and access relevant benefits. The card offers a range of benefits, including enhanced reporting, fraud protection, and access to Mastercard’s global network of merchants, that help small and medium enterprises optimize their performance and protect their businesses for tomorrow.

To learn more about the savings available through Mastercard Easy Savings Specials, visit the Marmeto Mastercard Partnership Page or the Mastercard Easy Savings Specials website.

About Marmeto:

Marmeto is a leading eCommerce growth agency from India. We’re specialized in ecommerce design and development that helps high volume d2c brands grow and scale their online sales. Our team of ecommerce experts helps you create a customized ecommerce strategy that meets your day-to-day challenges and creates some magical digital journeys.

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