Marmeto Wins the ET Award for Corporate Excellence 2023!

The tech world is buzzing with excitement as Marmeto has now won its third ET Awards for Corporate Excellence 2023 in just five years. This impressive track record has established Marmeto as a leader in the tech industry and a force to be reckoned with.

Journey towards Emerging as an Award Winning Ecommerce Agency

Marmeto started with a vision to revolutionize the ecommerce industry. Despite the challenges of operating in a rapidly-evolving industry, the team at Marmeto persevered and created innovative solutions that met the changing needs of customers. 

We never compromised on quality, and our focus on customer satisfaction paid off as we quickly established themselves as a leader in the industry. Today, Marmeto is recognized as an Award Winning Ecommerce Agency, and the go-to choice for almost every high paced D2C brands around.  Some notable names are Aqualens, Borosil, Lenskart, ITC, MTR Foods, Boat, Orient Electric, Dalmia Cement, and more.


What's Next for Marmeto?

Marmeto is not resting on its laurels; we have an exciting roadmap ahead. As a top ecommerce Partner, Marmeto is leading the charge in helping businesses succeed in the ecommerce industry. Our focus on innovation and customer satisfaction will continue to drive them forward as our work towards expanding our services and integrating new technologies.

As Marmeto's journey unfolds, we invite customers, industry insiders, and technology enthusiasts to follow along and be part of our success story.

As an Award Winning Ecommerce Agency, Marmeto's impressive proven experience and relevance in the ecommerce tech industry cannot be emphasized. Their success demonstrates the power of invention, tenacity, and an unwavering focus on client satisfaction.

From the team

“These small validations during the journey definitely give the much needed boost we all require to keep moving forward. We will continue to evolve, build scalable tech with amazing experiences as we grow with our merchants from here. More power to the entire team!” - From the Marmeto team.


Marmeto, we aim to ensure the ecommerce store we build supports the objectives of your business. Knowing that the strategy you've chosen for your online store is of the highest caliber and that we'll provide an excellent user experience that leaves a lasting impression with effective conversion rates. 

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