Building a Service-Centric Culture

50 team members against 1 virus
How we dispersed into work-from-home Ninjas overnight
What are we doing differently

Zoom in!

As the clock strikes 10:30am, our team of over 50 people just appear online for a scrum through zoom video call.

Slack Not!

With project threads on Slack, keeping abreast with the current happenings was never easier for our new managers.

Digital and how!

The ease and speed with which our team has turned all our processes digital on Google Docs and Trello is commendable. 

Beat it!

Keeping the momentum alive by engaging in music sharing, gaming events and chatrooms online.

Home Along!

For those team members who are isolated from home and away from their families, here is some puppy love from other team members. Ever called a kitty?

Time Out!

The best part about WFH is saving the unnecessary transit time. This gives our team much more time to catch up on sleep and workout.

Not just your Tech Partners:

Businesses can run smoothly even in the most unfavorable situations. Feel free to connect with us and know in detail how we did it, after all, we are not just your Tech Partners, Are we?

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