The Driving Force of Ecommerce in India

We on-boarded with a billion dreams, a billion hopes, a billion wishes to plug the gaps in the eCommerce market. With a belief, if there’s one company that can truly make eCommerce happen, across the length and breadth of the globe, it is us. We were here to break free the narrow limitations of the past in eCommerce.

Living The E-commerce Dream

We knew creating and managing an online store was still a dream for many. The rigid eCommerce platforms with no options for curving their limitations, making it hard to integrate with other services.

We realized Shopify was still a distant shining star for many and hence decided to reach out to it to talk about scale. The new partnership with Shopify and our collaborative efforts turned spectators into gamers, by giving them the opportunity to build their own stores with an extensive suite of tools.

Bringing India-First solutions on Shopify

Shopify being an amazing platform, has set its own boundaries so that it can function within the framework of its solid and well-engineered foundation. This necessarily constrains flexibility and hence just doesn't cut the mustard at times.

That is when Marmeto comes to play an important role of evolving Shopify by creating functionalities without tampering its frame. We take pride in bringing some of India’s-First solutions on Shopify.

Giving A Leg-Up

There is no denying that Shopify and Marmeto are better together with individuality intact. What came next was the natural extension of having a hit platform in our corner. We grew at a pace with little precedent. Our decision to make a move to a consumer-centric enterprise solution to make a place in the heart of the untapped market, brought huge win for us.

  • Courting some of the world’s largest multinational conglomerates.
  • Broken ground not only in India but also in the USA, Canada and across the globe, there’s no stopping.
  • Serving up our dream of providing quick help to new entrepreneurs looking to join the e-commerce bandwagon and existing one by simplifying their path on the entrepreneurial journey.

E-commerce Beyond the Numbers

We aim to change the global landscape of eCommerce with new solutions. We foresee innovations will help the eCommerce industry to rise above the price-driven competition. It is the beginning of fostering service-driven competition.

In upcoming days eCommerce may behold many exciting changes, but for now, the future of eCommerce looks green.

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