A popping experience with 4700BC

A popping experience with 4700BC

An entrepreneur's brain is akin to a pressure cooker filled with popcorn kernels, popping ideas left, right and center. Our recent work with Chirag Gupta takes this metaphor to the next level!

Wondering how and why?

Well, Founder @ 4700BC, Chirag, along with a friend, Ankur Gupta, took an idea that was so simple, it was almost genius and turned it into a brand reigniting nostalgia with a twist, The Gourmet Popcorn! 

“I always wanted to have something to call my own. Having had gourmet popcorn abroad, I realized the lack of the same in the Indian market. Coupled with the fact that the food industry continues to grow regardless of the market conditions, I knew it was the perfect solution to my entrepreneurial passion!”

Chirag Gupta (Founder @4700BC)

With flavours such as Nutty Tuxedo, Himalayan Salt Caramel, Hawaiian BBQ Cheese, Sour Cream and Wasabi, 4700BC reigns supreme in a rather niche segment. With plans to launch more regular flavours to target the community sector, 4700BC is on a one track path to exponential success!

Having clocked in investment from PVR Cinemas which helped them reach a revenue of 10 crores in 2018, many believed the pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns would be the downfall of this unique brand. However, proving everyone wrong, 4700BC continued to grow and reached a revenue figure that was 3x of what they had achieved earlier! 

“Even though the pandemic hit the cinema and airline industry, our major target audiences, we launched many new products which helped us scale at a much faster rate! Our major focus is on the online sector with majority of our revenue coming in from Tier 1 cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi

Chirag Gupta (Founder @4700BC)

With fast paced growth comes the problem of scalability and timelines. That’s where our role as Tech Partners begins!

The popping Marmeto-4700BC connection:

With maximum focus on the online platform, 4700BC had clear requirements. Having faced a difficult time in the past with respect to tech developments and their timelines, Chirag decided overnight to switch to Shopify and thus Marmeto came into the picture. Needing a solution which focused on developing a website fit for their business while reducing down time, Marmeto and Chirag devised a two fold plan. 

“We divided the project into 2 phases. The first phase was to create a quick solution website. The second phase was to perfect the solution with custom implementations that are unique to the target audience.” 

Chirag Gupta (Founder @4700BC)

With the maximum onus being on timelines, we knew we had our work cut out for us. While the content was readily available from 4700BC’s previous website, we had to work on creating a website that would cater to the increasing traffic expected during the festival season as well as be at par with the brand voice and messaging! Powerful visuals, simplistic designs and an increased focus on the premium standing of the brand helped us deliver an impactful website to a very happy Chirag!

“Marmeto has a good team that understands the nature of problems and creates solutions  quickly . They are very well versed with the Shopify ecosystem and know their stuff! We’ve got a lot planned for phase 2, which I’m looking forward to!”

Chirag Gupta (Founder @4700BC)

The 4700BC- Marmeto Future

With the current website on the Shopify basic plan, Chirag plans to review the traffic coming in before moving on to Shopify Plus. Having discussed future proofing their web identity, he knows it's only a matter of time before 4700BC requires the unique solution offerings of Shopify Plus.

“We’ve gained immense momentum in online sales since post-pandemic and we have plans to scale up operations and our tech stack simultaneously.”

-Chirag Gupta (Founder @4700BC)


In the meantime, we’re busy working on the Phase 2 plan which covers multiple custom built solutions. We’ve never liked working on a one size fits all policy and enjoy creating unique solutions that cater to the brand’s strategy and identity.

While a lot is still in the development phase, we can tell you this;

It’s going to be popping!