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Users’ Comfort Matters Most - From Buying Shoes to Wearing Them
“As a brand that places so much emphasis on delivering comfort and user-friendliness, it delights us to work with an organization that is so user-friendly to us. Over and above, the agile and versatile processes coupled with your team’s proactive approach have made it a very productive experience for Neeman’s,” adds Mehul.
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Aazol: From Rural Roots to a National Brand
A Family Affair Rooted in Tradition Aazol isn't your typical food brand. Founded by a dynamic mother-son duo, Apurva and Siddharth Purohit, Aazol is a mission-driven company that celebrates Maharashtrian cuisine while empowering rural women. Apurva, a seasoned businesswoman, brings...
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My Avni | The sustainable period choice
While the mainstream Indian mentality may be moving away from considering menstruation and women’s hygiene a taboo, the disappointing 33% sanitary napkins penetration in India proves that we still have a long way to go as an informed and educated nation! ‘My Avni’ was born out of our vision to improve and impact women’s healthcare in the country and was deep-rooted in the personal experiences that Sujata faced with menstrual hygiene products.
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