Power Gummies - Nutraceutical Gummies Go Global with Marmeto!

Power Gummies - Nutraceutical Gummies Go Global with Marmeto!

A Delicious Solution is Born

The story dates back to 2018 when Divij Bajaj, Founder of Power Gummies, struggled to make his parents consume multivitamins and started looking for innovative solutions. This is when Divij had his eureka moment stemming from a simple thought: “Why not create something that people would love to consume without hesitation and reminders?” This thought kick-started an innovative process involving cookies, bars, chocolates, and many other options, eventually leading to the vibrant and deeply nostalgic gummy bears!

“For our very first product, we surveyed some women in our target segment and discovered that hair and nails were a common pain point across all age groups and walks of life that we could aim to improve with one solution - Biotin,” says Kapil Mittal, Chief of Business Strategy at Power Gummies.


Early Success and Ecommerce Evolution

The general assumption was that since Power Gummies are an innovative product, market acceptance would be slow. As the team set up a WordPress website, within a year, they managed to sell over 10,000 bottles of the Gorgeous Hair & Nails gummy joy! In 2019, they migrated to Magento as they launched Beautiful Beach Body & That Time Of The Month! Soon, the need to migrate to a better platform arose, and Shopify emerged as the winner.

The Shopify Shift and Marmeto Partnership

In 2019, Power Gummies transitioned to Shopify for its scalability and ease of use. Awchat & Olsen crafted the brand's vibrant and global look, but translating that design into a functional website presented challenges. Customization on Shopify was crucial, and the team at Marmeto was brought in to bridge the gap.

Kapil Mittal adds, “I was of the strong opinion that we need a tech team in-house since we may need to roll back or add features on a daily basis. I’d had a bitter experience working with agencies in the past. However, Divij was convinced that we should try out an agency."

Saurav's consultative approach impressed Kapil. “I had my first call with Saurav in August 2019 after a reference from a VC friend. I remember bombarding him with a specific but exhaustive list of functionalities we wanted in the new Shopify store. Saurav asked for the exact opposite - a list of everything we didn’t want in our Shopify store. This conversation helped me unlearn a lot. The call with Saurav single-handedly helped me gain trust in Marmeto as an agency, and thus began our journey,” says Kapil.

Marmeto's Sprint to Success

The initial project timeline was 2.5 months. Despite challenges, open communication and clear priorities kept the project on track. Kapil emphasizes the value of Marmeto's "free" consultation sprints within each call. “Once we began work with Marmeto, the deadline for expected go-live was set at 2.5 months. We faced multiple challenges, but Saurav’s direct approach helped us navigate them. Saurav would say - Choose your priority. You can’t always give equal importance to everything. These sprints of consultation helped us achieve our goals in phase one.”

“How people know us, before seeing and tasting the gummies and experiencing the packaging and related touchpoints, the very first experience that they have about the brand is the website. It would have been quite difficult to achieve that without Marmeto’s involvement,” adds Kapil.

Powering Up with Shopify Plus

As Power Gummies' business boomed, they upgraded to Shopify Plus. Even after the Plus website was developed, they required 40 to 60 hours of customization work each month. Thus began the second and ongoing phase of development with Marmeto.

“Shopify Plus really works to our advantage. Not only can we completely customize the checkout journey for the buyer, but it also helped us reduce our COD orders and RTO rates with solutions like Prepaid Incentivization, Phone Number validation, Pin Code Validation, and OTP verification! We now have five storefronts dedicated to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, UAE, and a global site,” says Kapil.

Continued Affinity Towards Marmeto

When asked to describe a memorable experience with Marmeto, Kapil said, “Marmeto is easily one of the top Shopify development agencies in India. Their technical knowledge and expertise are a given. However, our experience was elevated to another level in this second phase thanks to their weekly feedback calls."

Kapil highlights the value of Marmeto's weekly feedback calls. He recalls a time when Neelam from Marmeto's client support team persistently sought his feedback despite scheduling challenges. "Her agenda wasn't to get the task done, it was to know our experience. This is what we’ve grown to love about Marmetians now!”

Looking Ahead: A Gummy Future

As Kapil’s words resonate in our minds, we look forward to exciting adventures ahead with Power Gummies!

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