Users’ Comfort Matters Most - From Buying Shoes to Wearing Them

A ‘Made in India’ footwear brand committed to comfort

Neeman's, a footwear brand proudly wearing its ‘Made in India’ badge, is on a mission to redefine comfort and inclusivity. Their meticulously crafted, gender-neutral shoes prioritize both style and sustainability. The ethos of #ChangeTheNorm has been the brand’s guiding force at every stage, from product development to delivery and returns.

Partnership for Progress

Our journey with Neeman's began in February 2022 through a personal connection between our Co-founder, Saurav, and Neeman's founder, Taran Chhabra. Neeman's sought a partner who understood their commitment to comfort and could translate it into a seamless online experience.

Mehul Rawat, Neeman's Growth Manager, explains, "Slow page speeds were hindering our customer experience. We also wanted to improve checkout percentage and increase conversion rates while enhancing overall user convenience." Neeman's dedication to customer satisfaction inspired us to leverage our expertise and support their vision of changing the norm.

From Simple to Strategic

We assembled a team that resonated with Neeman's values. We prioritized tasks, starting with the critical issue of slow page speeds. Recognizing the impact on SEO and user experience, we implemented solutions to optimize website performance and eliminate backend clutter. This notably improved page speeds, following which we advanced to the next stage.

Next, we collaborated with Neeman's team on a multi-pronged approach. We employed domain-driven design principles to improve the website's UI/UX, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly experience. This transformation translated into higher conversion rates and successful checkouts.

Proactive Partnership

Neeman's supportive approach, particularly their appreciation for our proactive efforts, fostered a strong client-agency relationship. Mehul highlighted Marmeto's strengths: "processes, systems, and responsiveness."

He recounted an instance where we exemplified their ethos #ChangeTheNorm by simplifying the checkout process. Recognizing that Neeman's offered free delivery, the standard shipping step became redundant. Aware that even one step less in the checkout process can drive an incremental increase in website conversions, we efficiently deployed our custom solution of 2-Step Checkout, streamlining the process and taking customers directly from information to payment.

Transparency and Communication

When it comes to responsiveness, every challenge inspires us. Through the years, we've seen the good sense in acting before a situation becomes a crisis. In addition to the calls from our developers, regular independent feedback calls by our Merchant Success team to Neeman’s ensured a transparent reporting framework. This has been the bedrock of our client-agency relationship.

A Shared Passion for User-Friendliness


One of our all-time favorites, we pitched Mehul for honest feedback on his experience working with our lively bunch. Here’s how he very matter-of-factly explained it, “Neeman’s is centered on being user-friendly. We create quality products that are eco-friendly. For example, our footwear is sustainable, suitable for various occasions, gender-neutral, and offers maximum comfort and flexibility. Even our delivery and returns policy is designed for user-friendliness.”

“As a brand that places so much emphasis on delivering comfort and user-friendliness, it delights us to work with an organization that is so user-friendly to us. Over and above, the agile and versatile processes coupled with your team’s proactive approach have made it a very productive experience for Neeman’s,” adds Mehul.

Looking Ahead

As our partnership progresses, we plan to continually optimize the Neeman's website, leveraging data and innovative thinking. We're also committed to developing insightful reporting and measurement frameworks.

In fact, Neeman’s is so passionate about setting new norms for excellence and comfort that, per its 7-day trial policy, customers can request an exchange or return the shoes for a full refund, no questions asked! But, of course, all this just proves the brand’s commitment to ensuring that every user is delighted with their purchase.

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