4700BC: From Entrepreneurial Spark to Gourmet Popcorn Powerhouse

4700BC: From Entrepreneurial Spark to Gourmet Popcorn Powerhouse

A Kernel of Inspiration

“I always wanted to have something to call my own. Having had gourmet popcorn abroad, I realized the lack of the same in the Indian market. Coupled with the fact that the food industry continues to grow regardless of the market conditions, I knew it was the perfect solution to my entrepreneurial passion!”

~Chirag Gupta (Founder @4700BC)

Our recent collaboration with Chirag Gupta, founder of 4700BC, is a testament to the power of a simple idea executed brilliantly. Chirag, inspired by gourmet popcorn experiences abroad, identified a gap in the Indian market. This, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, led to the birth of 4700BC – a brand that rekindled nostalgia for popcorn with a gourmet twist.





Unique Flavors, Devoted Fans

4700BC stands out with its creative flavor combinations like Nutty Tuxedo, Himalayan Salt Caramel, and Sour Cream & Wasabi. They cater to a niche segment while offering plans to expand into classic flavors for a wider audience. This strategy positions them for sustained growth. Despite initial concerns, 4700BC thrived during the pandemic. Cinema and airline industries, their initial target markets, were impacted, but Chirag's focus on online sales proved fruitful. They not only survived but tripled their revenue, demonstrating remarkable resilience.

A Focus on Ecommerce Growth

With a booming online presence, 4700BC prioritizes scalability and timely execution. This is where we stepped in as their tech partner.

Marmeto and 4700BC: A Perfect Match

Seeking a solution to streamline online operations and reduce website development timelines, Chirag turned to Shopify and us. Together, we devised a two-phase plan:

  • Phase 1: Launch a Quick Solution Website - Leverage existing content and prioritize a functional website to meet the demands of the upcoming festive season.

  • Phase 2: Refine the Website with Customizations - Enhance the user experience with features tailored to 4700BC's unique brand identity and target audience.


“Marmeto has a good team that understands the nature of problems and creates solutions quickly. They are very well-versed with the Shopify ecosystem and know their stuff! We’ve got a lot planned for phase 2, which I’m looking forward to!”

With the current website on the Shopify basic plan, Chirag plans to review the traffic coming in before moving on to Shopify Plus. Having discussed future-proofing their web identity, he knows it's only a matter of time before 4700BC requires the unique solution offerings of Shopify Plus. “We’ve gained immense momentum in online sales since post-pandemic and we have plans to scale up operations and our tech stack simultaneously.”


A Collaborative Future

4700BC is currently using Shopify's basic plan, but with plans to upgrade to Shopify Plus as online traffic continues to grow. Chirag recognizes the need for a future-proof web presence that can accommodate future expansion.


Looking Ahead: A Recipe for Continued Success

With a focus on scaling operations and their tech stack, 4700BC is poised for continued growth. We are actively involved in developing custom Phase 2 solutions that align with 4700BC's brand strategy.

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