Boundary after Boundary with MPL Sports

Boundary after Boundary with MPL Sports

Little did we know 3 years ago when Marmeto came into the picture, that one day we would get a call that would change our lives forever! We were used to working with the small, medium, and big ecommerce brands but this call would pull us into a different ecommerce world altogether! For founders, there’s no downtime. This is our baby and we have to nurture it 24/7. However, we knew from the beginning that we could not push our team to the limits that we push ourselves. Though we’ve been blessed with a team of hustlers who resonate with our thought processes, it was our website development project with MPL Sports that gave our team the chance to exhibit their immense passion, dedication and drive for tech! 

 Saurav (Co-Founder @ Marmeto)

MPL Sports is the athleisure, merchandise, and sporting equipment brand that is also the Indian cricket team’s official Kit Sponsor! Our journey with MPL Sports started with a conversation between Saurav and Shobhit Gupta, Head - MPL Sports at Mobile Premier League (MPL). Given the upcoming IPL season, Shobhit was looking to give the MPL Sports website a facelift. After having migrated to Shopify, Shobhit wanted the MPL Sports website to look and feel the best for its users. 

That’s when we stepped in! 

With the MPL Sports’s content and design team working alongside us, we managed to deliver a spectacular website in a short turnaround time. A personal record for us if we do say so ourselves! In fact, we completed this project quicker than any other website we’ve ever worked on!

That’s why this project will always remain close to our hearts; every member of our team discovered our inner strength and we cannot thank MPL enough for it! We’ve pushed ourselves in the past but it was a rare sight to see our entire team motivating and helping each other to ensure Shobhit’s requirements and MPL’s online credibility were both met! Be it the Project managers, the developers, the team leaders, the relationship managers, you name them and they were there! 

We asked Shobhit what he felt about working with Marmeto and his response made our day!

I liked the approachability, professionalism, and commitment at Marmeto. Once the expectations were set, the team always communicated clearly, understood the need of the hour, and delivered! My experience has been great! I also quite liked their customer-first approach! The overall quality of the website concerning look and feel is also good! 

Shobhit Gupta, Head - MPL Sports at Mobile Premier League (MPL). 

We asked Shobhit if in his project with Marmeto, anything stood out to him. His answer resonates with all our brands. It’s also one that goes to show the dedication and determination with which our team handles every project!

Understanding the need of the hour and swiftly acting upon it is something that stood out to me. The feedback calls and being constantly in touch definitely helped us build trust in Marmeto. I remember pinging Saurav at 11 pm with some urgent deliverables and he would get it done! I can say the Marmeto team is dependable and responsive! 

Shobhit Gupta, Head - MPL Sports at Mobile Premier League (MPL).  

Our first major stint with the MPL website is complete and we’re currently in the process of implementing minor changes to the tech. However, our journey is not over yet! As you’re reading this article, our team is in talks with the MPL Sports team to further our tech journey together and work on many solutions in the future! 

This has been and always will be the project with which as a team, we can confidently say;

We have arrived and we’ve done it!