Dressfolk; An effort at a Conversion Rate Optimized Website

Dressfolk; An effort at a Conversion Rate Optimized Website

Understand, Absorb, Streamline, Implement, Test and Implement Again.

A simple strategy we followed with Dressfolk that led us to hitting gold!

As any ecommerce brand owner would tell you, low conversion rate is a major problem and that’s the same issue that plagued the Dressfolk’s team. If you too are facing this problem, we’ve written an article on boosting conversion rates with ecommerce sales funnels. But for the Dressfolk team, they also had another problem:

“In tech, projects are not based on the quantum of work but on the number of working hours. This creates a challenge when the partner agency is not well versed with the website or the platform. We had a project we worked on in the past that was supposed to be delivered within 5 days however, we received it after 20 days.” 

Nitin Mehrotra, Founder @ Dressfolk

The Marmetian Challenge

Having faced a less than positive experience in the past, it’s but natural for brands to be skeptical about their next partner agency and this is a challenge we’re well aware of. We had our work cut out for us. On one hand we had to tackle a tech problem and on the other hand we had to tackle a much deeper problem. When Nitin decided to give Marmeto the go-ahead on his project, he already had faith in us with respect to our Shopify knowledge but we had to work towards building his trust in the actual deliverables. And that’s exactly what we did! Through a brainstorming session, a dedicated feedback mechanism and a well trained team, we managed to take a low conversion rate problem and deliver a solution that required us to revamp the entire product page. 

One of the key factors driving seeing this project to its success was the clarity and openness in communication. We knew we would face challenges but kept ample buffer time and communicated the need for this to Nitin so as to fix any glitches that might hamper the smooth functioning of the solution. 

“In tech, a lot of things are interdependent and if the testing is not done thoroughly, problems may surface. These can be immediate or latent. However, with Marmeto, we had a 3 week timeframe in which any problems surfacing post the implementation of the solution would be taken care of!” 

Nitin Mehrotra, Founder @ Dressfolk

Marmeto’s Proud Moment

We pride ourselves on being hustlers and for us, every project requires undivided attention. During the COVID-19 lockdown, we turned into work from home tech ninjas overnight! For us, a project doesn't just end with a solution being implemented. The entire cyclical journey of implementation, testing, alterations is equally important. We go above and beyond for our brands and that’s always been a defining quality at Marmeto. It’s a quality we drive down from the leadership and it’s the model we work on. While conversing with Nitin, we asked him if anything stood out to him while initially working with us. This is what he had to say:

“One of the best things I liked working with Marmeto is the responsiveness. The team is always available on email and if urgent, I know I can just call them right away. A few days back there were a few things that went live at 8pm. While doing a routine check at about 9pm, I realized there were a few things that weren’t functioning the way they were supposed to. Since the team winds up for the day at about 8pm, I was a little anxious; however , after speaking to Jaya, our POC, I breathed a sigh of relief as she got it fixed in about an hour’s time.” 

Nitin Mehrotra, Founder @ Dressfolk

The Journey Moving Forward

Our road with Dressfolk is still peppered with many, many milestones to be achieved however, once the start is right, and the goals and expectations are aligned between the two teams, the future too doesn't look too difficult! Having spent only a few months with us, Nitin already feels like the load of tech follow ups and checks has been taken off of his shoulders. With Marmeto by his side, he can focus on the operations while we focus on the tech! 


“Usually with agencies, the client has to come up with a solution and since our expertise is not in tech, that creates an issue.”

Nitin Mehrotra, Founder @ Dressfolk

Nitin’s problem statement got us thinking. 

Where do techies go wrong? 

Are personalized solutions the answer to the divide in the tech world where brands often end feel undervalued? 

You heard it from us, the answer is YES! 

Put yourself in the business’s shoes and think about the complexities of tech. When you find that distinction, only then can you actually be a value addition to a business! 

Feel free to connect with us care@marmeto.com to have a wonderful tech experience today!