Our Evolution with Slay Coffee

Our Evolution with Slay Coffee

Makes sense right?

The stronger your love for coffee, the darker your brew!

So naturally, we had to introduce you to Slay Coffee, touted as one of the strongest coffees in the world! 

A coffee lover’s paradise, Slay Coffee has been creating a buzz with their handcrafted gourmet coffees, DIY coffee kits, non-caffeinated variants, vegan options and Slay cloud kitchen! Slay Coffee’s Slay-X has 2,250 milligrams of caffeine per 100 grams of coffee! 

Talk about beating #MondayMorningBlues!

 Coffee is a way of life.

Coffee has been around forever and is an absolute must in almost all situations! Just take a walk down any lane and you’ll see cafes full of coffee lovers sipping on their favorite brew!

However, coffee has always been readily available for in-house consumption. Coffee beans and powders can also be easily bought at stores but what the Indian market lacked was a one-stop solution to get their caffeine fixes delivered straight to wherever they were! 


After facing major setbacks through unfavorable market conditions, rising delivery costs, etc, the Slay team struck gold when the lockdown was imposed in India. Now, there were coffee lovers who were used to their favourite cafe made brews suddenly having to settle for non premium brews! A total strategy change and a complete website change helped Slay completely kill it in the Indian markets! 

Now we’re sure you’re all wondering, what’s Marmeto’s role here?

Let’s give you a glimpse!



That’s right folks, we came in as Slay’s tech partners to take care of their website to ensure a seamless experience for you! 

We got in touch with Shubham Marhatta, Brand & Communication @ Slay Coffee to understand their pain points and create a solution fitting for the king of brews! Bit by bit, heart and heart as a famous singer would say, we worked on creating multiple solutions for Slay which helped revamp their website! 

In the food and beverage industry, creating an interactive website is very important. We wanted to ensure the website was communicative yet transactional for the users. It was only after Marmeto that we have been able to do this and help drive sales through our website.

~Shubham Marhatta, Brand & Communication @ Slay Coffee

Pain areas to be taken care of - Check ✅

Satisfied Slay Coffee team - Check ✅

Happy customers flooding the website- Check ✅

Was it all tech that led to Marmeto-Slay success?

Simply put, NO. 

Integrated tech solutions are imperative to a website’s success however building a relationship with the brand’s key stakeholders is equally important. You can’t pitch ideas, create solutions or implement them if you don’t have the brand’s trust and faith in your capabilities. We had some of our very best working on the Slay website but the actual credit goes to the building blocks and foundations laid throughout the project. Be it through detailed discussions with Mounika (Account Manager for Slay) or Neelam (Merchant Happiness Manager for Slay), we tried our best to create transparency, maintain timelines, have timely feedback sessions, and take ownership of the project as an integrated tech partner! 

I liked the overall experience with Marmeto! There is great accountability that comes from Mounika being the POC. The team has been consistent throughout and it’s been great. We closed our project in not more than 2 months which was great! 

~Shubham Marhatta, Brand & Communication @ Slay Coffee

However, our work here isn't complete yet!

We’ve got tons of new features and solutions in place to take the website up a notch and create the perfect experience for coffee connoisseurs pan India! 

And…. we’ll be unveiling these soon!

But you know what they say, “good things come to those who wait!”

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