From Wordpress to a Shopify Plus Website, Superbottoms ready in 20 days!

From Wordpress to a Shopify Plus Website, Superbottoms ready in 20 days!

The Super Client

Superbottoms’s journey started 4 years back when a mom decided to take diaper matters into her own hands and today they rank as India’s best selling cloth diaper ecommerce brand! Founder and Mom in Charge, Pallavi Utagi, founded Superbottoms with the sole aim of providing diapers that are breathable, washable, eco-friendly, skin-friendly, and economical to new parents! Not to mention, these cloth diapers significantly help save energy, water, raw materials, and landfill space when compared to single-use disposable diapers!

Previously a WordPress website, Superbottoms was on the lookout for a Shopify Plus development agency because of some common problems like downtime, elongated site load time, unsatisfactory user experience, etc. For any ecommerce company, a website launch = months of planning and moolah. The Superbottoms team, hence, were on the hunt for an agency that would match their expectations for a while, before they reached out to Marmeto. 

The building blocks of trust

The decision of any brand to reach out to an agency itself speaks volumes for the agency! However, let’s not ignore the fact that clients only trust agencies, when they’ve proven their worth. But, sometimes, experience alone isn’t enough. When Superbottoms approached us, they had both business and agency dynamic inhibitions. We believe that trust is the foundation of successful collaboration, so we brought in one of our big guns to set the stage! Saurav, Co-Founder at Marmeto stepped in to be the POC, and through regular meetings, calls, messages and mockups, reassured the Superbottoms leadership team as to why Marmeto was the right fit for them.

“We would continuously follow up with the Marmeto team and they would assure that the work would be delivered on time and initially we couldn't believe it. Once while talking to Saurav, one of the Co-Founders, he candidly gave us insights into how the website development domain works and that honest conversation gave us the confidence that we needed to move forward with this agency!

 ~Pallavi (Mom in Chief, Superbottoms) and Alisha ( Chief Digital Evangelist)

We state it as it is and that’s one of the biggest reasons for clients to put their trust and faith in us! If it can be done, you’ll have a yes before you even ask the question! However, if the ask seems difficult, we will give it our best shot! Rarely do we beat around the bush to get on the client’s good side :)  Every project that we work on is a client’s dream, and a dream deserves our honesty and complete dedication! 

Collaboration with the design agency

For a website to be a great success, there needs to be a harmonious relationship between design and development. Sometimes, a design may look simple but the execution at the developer’s end can be far more complicated than one can imagine. Simplicity may be the key to brilliance, but executing brilliance can be quite a task!  

Superbottoms had a web design team in place and our Co-Founder, Saurav, would get on a call every week with them to:

  • Understand the redesign goal
  • Understand the design requirements & functionality 
  • Evaluate compatibility of said designs with Shopify’s design requirements
  • Get an insight into the coding approach that will be required moving forward.

Ensuring that design and development were in sync before the development process started, laid the foundation for Superbottoms’s new website! 

We began before we started!

While the design team was busy getting their affairs in order, we were busy chalking out a game plan on our end to deliver the website as per the deadline. Ideally, even a crunched timeline isn't something that can't be handled however, this timeline was a little different! In this case, the deadline coincided with the launch of the new website! This meant bringing our A-game to the table and delivering the perfect website on the very first go! 

Getting into the grind

Once the designs were ready, it was time to roll! For the better part of a month, we had been working on a structure that would ensure the smooth delivery of customized solutions! 

There was a structure in place, carefully curated over weeks to ensure the project flowed smoothly! Every team member knew their role and every department had multiple contingency plans in place to ensure zero bottlenecks at all costs! The strategy was simple, each team must reach its milestone within the given timeline. There was no scope for delays :) 

Couple our processes with regular conversations with the Superbottoms team, and it was a recipe for success. Little did we know that the Superbottoms team was a perfect match with regards to the precision & promptness of feedback! This is a quality that’s rare to find in a client, and we can’t give them enough credit for helping us achieve our accelerated timeline goal!

Road Runner all the way!

A conventional e-commerce Shopify Plus website has a development timeline of 6-8 weeks i.e., roughly 45 to 60 days, depending on the number of customizations & integrations. However, with Superbottoms, the timelines were more than crunched. But as the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way! 

As impossible as it sounds, the website, with all its customization, was delivered in 20 days! 

An almost impossible feat, if you ask us! Well, not so much now :)

Superbottoms’s & Marmeto’s Success Story

Just as parents feel proud of their child’s accomplishments, a website performing well leaves us with a sense of accomplishment! Once the Superbottoms’s website went live, we waited on the edge of our seats! We were ready to go on-call or support 24x7 incase of emergency bug fixes! All the hard work finally paid off when there were close to 300+ orders in the first couple of days and the website performance was on point! We helped empower the mompreneurs to reach newer heights in the future, and that is what we call the sweet joy of satisfaction. 

The Happy Aftermath

When the work first started, it seemed like a herculean task! Every team member pulled through and this wouldn't have been possible without their support and long hours! However, it would have been impossible without the trust and faith of the Superbottoms leadership team! 

“I think the experience with Marmeto has been quite awesome and very positive! We haven't met any agency till now that was this positive! They are collaborative, open, knowledgeable, and honest! “ 

~Pallavi (Mom in Chief, Superbottoms) and Alisha ( Chief Digital Evangelist)

With Superbottoms reaching new heights every day, Marmeto couldn't be happier to have been associated with such an amazing brand!