Success in simplicity with MTR foods!

The journey of 3 brothers that started with the establishment of the now iconic “Brahmins’ Coffee Bar” in Bangalore, led to the conception of “Mavalli Tiffin Rooms”, commonly known as MTR. 

The 98 year old legacy brand is a household name for it’s Indian spices and Ready to Eat meals. Needless to say, when MTR decided to scale their online store, our Marmetians jumped onboard with Shopify to the rescue!


MTR - The brand of India / The mammoth undertaking

“Expertise was paramount for us and we were convinced in our first few calls with the team. Marmeto made a fairly high level of commitment and the accommodating nature of Shashwat and the on-point communication of Suparna as our Account Manager was apt and required for an effective and timely delivery”, says Mr. Venkat Raman, CIO, MTR Foods.

Ecommerce stores may very well look like simple templatized websites to the layman, but they all come with their special set of challenges. In MTR’s case, the biggest challenge was its mass presence! In a country as large and diverse as India, MTR’s consumers span across the board. From expats to traditional Indian households, everyone loves the taste of MTR’s Sambar!

It was only fitting to create an online presence that worked seamlessly with people from different geographies in India. Simplistic visual identity with a strong brand recall was a key aspect for MTR’s new online store.

Marmeto | MTR Foods Website

In keeping with the brand’s aesthetics for instant brand recognition!

Success in simplicity.

Since it’s beginning, authenticity and simplicity has been second nature for MTR products. It was imperative that the website reflected these values.

Since the majority of ecommerce transactions take place through mobile devices, an easy to navigate and simple mobile experience was key! Maintaining a strong brand recall with clean lines, the website resonates with it’s offline presence, thereby building the online customer’s trust.

Easy Customer Journey

When the target audience of a brand is as diverse as this one, the “ease of use” triumphs over any other requirement. Far too often we’ve seen website bounces and abandoned carts due to bad user experiences stemming from a needlessly complicated customer journey. We made it our mission to keep the website checkout process as intuitive and user friendly as possible, encouraging novice users to complete the process.

Marmeto | MTR Foods Mobile Website

The different mobile pages of offer a simple, clean experience!

Compliant on all counts!

For an establishment like MTR, invoicing and taxation compliances hold utmost importance. Our team ensured that all policies were met. Additionally, all requests were fulfilled regarding changes to invoices generated to align them with the internal processes at MTR. 

Creating a website that is for “everyone” for a legacy brand is a bit nerve wracking. Working with a team with years of experience and wisdom was a very fulfilling experience for us.

“Nothing is absolute 10/10 in this world, but Marmeto comes quite close with their level of expertise in Shopify. The feedback that I got for their work from within the industry matched our experience 100%. They’re definitely sound in their technical know-how. There is a high probability that we’ll recommend Marmeto to peers in the industry” - says Mr. Venkat Raman, CIO, MTR Foods, while summing up his experience.

The MTR team and their faith in our abilities helped us achieve this milestone, for which we’re grateful!


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