Quirksmith; A communicative strategy

“As a business owner I need to understand what is happening. I can't just give a problem and hope it gets solved. It always seems like a black box and people don't seem to share enough to make you comfortable as a business owner.  But Saurav and Shashwat did that really well.”

~Pragya Batra, Co-Founder @ Quirksmith



Making statement jewellery is an art, and one, that Quirksmith does really well. But making businesses feel comfortable enough for us to take on their tech requirements, well that’s our art! Quirksmith is jewellery brand specializing in 92.5 silver pieces with a unique thought process. In their words, “ With our work, we attempt to encapsulate the various hues and characters that reside within a woman. Some days she is soft, others she is funny, quirky, a warrior, an embodiment of elegance. No matter what the mood, she fills up a room with her presence!”

A Quirky Walk With Quirksmith

We started working with Quirksmith a few years ago when we approached Pragya on an online platform. She has been facing a challenging situation and we reached out to help offer a solution. 

“What I liked about speaking to Shashwat was that he seemed proactive and went beyond the question I was asking. He always made sure to explain how there were inter-dependencies in the work that he was doing.”

~Pragya Batra, Co-Founder @ Quirksmith

When Quirksmith was in it’s preliminary stages, Pragya managed the Shopify website by herself. Since the Shopify community is vast, she could get her answers easily but over time, with the nature of the business changed and complex problems started developing for which a deeper solution needed to be implemented!

“It’s common knowledge that the more apps you have integrated on your website the slower it tends to get. That’s why, when we made intricate changes, we decided to make it in the website’s code. For that, we needed someone that had absolute knowledge of tech and hence we reached out to Marmeto again.” 

~Pragya Batra, Co-Founder @ Quirksmith

Over the years, we’ve worked on multiple projects with Quirksmith, some small and some big but there’s one thing we’ve never taken for granted, and that is communication. The Quirksmith team has gotten a deeper understanding of Shopify with all the work that we have done, however  as tech partners, we will still be the subject  matter experts. This puts us  in the spotlight to always be on our toes and regardless of the brands’ tech knowledge, do our bit in making them understand tech in an easy way. 

“Communication has always been Marmeto’s strength. Lots of developers and people from tech backgrounds find it difficult to communicate the impact of solutions in a business language which make it easy for non-techies to understand. Saurav and Shashwat do that really well.”

~Pragya Batra, Co-Founder @ Quirksmith

This has a multiple benefit for us and the business:

  • When we explain the concept in all its intricacies, it gets easier for the brand to visualize how the solution would benefit them in real time
  • When we explain tech in an easy to understand language and deliver on the said requirements, it becomes easier for businesses to further develop trust and faith in us. 
  • The brand has faith in our abilities to turn things around in face of challenges 

“There were two instances in the past when some glitches happened and unfortunately both days were a holiday. However, the Marmeto team managed to turn that around in an hour!” 

~Pragya Batra, Co-Founder @ Quirksmith

Marmeto’s Moments

Communication stands tall as one of the pillars of our success. The other two are being proactive and dependable. We’ve made mistakes in our 3 year journey but we’ve always sprung back and delivered! We’ve always been hustlers who get the work done. We’re always thinking two steps ahead and this helps us visualize the future challenges the brand might face. 

“We got the gift checkout feature enabled that helped smoothen out the process and reduce manual intervention. It also helped us see the percentage of gift orders coming in and gather enough data for the future to tailor make our ad copies. With this system missing earlier, people would write us off emails with a request to put a note on their packages.”

~Pragya Batra, Co-Founder @ Quirksmith

However, sometimes, we fall short. Our solutions don’t turn out to be as impactful as we would have wished and that’s where the third pillar of dependability comes in! We may mess up, but our brands have enough faith, trust and belief in us, to know that we will turn things around!   As millennials, we’ve always had an insane drive to deliver and deliver better!

“Clarity of communication, proactiveness and dependability have been some of the qualities that  always stood out to me about Marmeto and that's why Qurksmith keeps coming back for more work.” 

~Pragya Batra, Co-Founder @ Quirksmith

Feel free to connect with us care@marmeto.com  to discuss more on how tech can be a wonderful addition to your entrepreneurial dreams!

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