Sri Sri Tattva : The journey of tech & trust

Let’s talk about the trust and faith that our brands have in us!

We’re always happier working with other professionals who:

  • resonate our values and enthusiasm enough to put their faith in us
  • trust us for the value we can offer. 

So when we met Mehul Malviya - Head of Ecommerce and Strategy Management - at Sri Sri Tattva, we couldn't help but be astounded by the almost zen yet sharp personality.  He trusted us with a brand that caters to generations of people, consciously trying to lead a more fulfilled and healthier life.


Our relationship with Sri Sri Tattva started through Lakshdeep, Founder @ SearchTap, and has added more value to our lives than we have to the brand! 

The People Dynamic

“Communicating with Shashwat & Saurav was very easy. They are extremely approachable at any time of the day, any day of the year! They have a very clear understanding of the Shopify Platform and their approach to problem-solving is nothing short of confident.” says Mehul.

That’s a compliment we’d take as a team :)

A client who’s far away from frantic calls, anxious conversations but at the same time has a crystal clear approach and direct

Having had previous challenging experiences with agencies, where ineffective communication led to a mismatch of expectations, Mehul was appreciative of our transparent and concise nature of communication. 

The Work Dynamic

“We faced a couple of technical issues on our website, with regards to the addition of newer technological solutions/customizations when required. This led to inconveniences on multiple occasions over time. But the Marmeto team catered to this problem efficiently and provided a seamless solution. Apart from the basic website, the team has a very clear understanding and approach for any new projects assigned based on our business requirements.” says Mehul.

And rightly so. A project that started over a year ago, transitioned from a one-off task to a technology partner association in no time! Over months, we’ve implemented many small custom solutions on the website, as a part of the conversion rate optimization & user experience improvement process.

To conclude:

We believe that destiny brought Sri Sri Tattva to us and as dedicated tech partners, we’ll do everything in our capacity to grow the brand and uphold the vision of the millions that it resonates with!

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