The magic of optimization weaved for Tredy Foods!

“Post Marmeto’s efforts, our website conversion rates have increased at least by 20%!” 

 B Dinesh Subramaniam, Chief Executive Officer @ Tredy Foods

That’s the magic we weaved for Tredy Foods!

Unique traditional snacks, healthy bites, kitchen appliances, kitchen-wares, and everything directly and remotely related to food, Tredy Foods is an FMCG dream come true! 2016 was the year they decided to launch and test out the chartered waters of the ecommerce domain! Beginning their online journey with delivering the world-famous Salem king of fruits, mangoes across India, Tredy Foods transformed from just another FMCG brand to a well-known and well-liked super brand! 

We spoke to B Dinesh Subramaniam, Chief Executive Officer at Tredy Foods on his experience with Marmeto, and it left us feeling grateful and humbled! It’s not often that we come across brands that trust us the way Tredy Foods has trusted us throughout their project! Be it a simple optimization or a major website integration, Tredy foods has always stood by our side in our efforts to deliver the best-customized solutions! Our role was not just of providing tech solutions, there were also times when we took ownership for Tredy Foods! It's always scary to take on accountability to this extent but that’s why we’ve always looked at ourselves as tech partners and not just another tech agency. We revel in the moments when we have to take charge because as partners if we don't do that, then well, what are we even doing?

There was a time when there were some optimizations that needed to be implemented and I was taking some time to respond. Given that Jaya (Account Manager @ Marmeto) had been working closely with us, she knew exactly what needed to be done and stepped in and made the call for the optimization to be implemented herself. The whole procedure was conducted in a professional and timely manner and I’m very happy with the performance!

 B Dinesh Subramaniam, Chief Executive Officer @ Tredy Foods

Talking about optimizations, it’s a no-brainer that COD is one of the most trusted payment options in India. 60% of Tredy Foods’ orders are COD-based and without it enabled on Shopify, it was proving to be a major pain point. However, our role did not end with just providing a COD custom solution. For any ecommerce brand, creating a wow factor for their users is what can make or break a website and this is something we’re only too well aware of.

 So we set off on our journey to redevelop the Tredy Foods’ website and boy, redevelop we did! 

Before Marmeto, the home page load time was 15.5 seconds. Now it’s around 8-10 seconds. There is always scope of improvement in tech but this gap itself was a great improvement! Through all the optimizations, I have been able to visually see changes and there has been an increase in the orders and conversion rates! Even the time needed in the checkout process, be it the auto-population of Pincode, the time it takes from finalizing the checkout to the payment, everything has been significantly reduced by the Marmeto team! The overall website effort has been a great improvement. 

 B Dinesh Subramaniam, Chief Executive Officer @ Tredy Foods

This project has always been close to our hearts and yes, while tech is and will always remain a big part of it, we cherish Tredy Foods for a different reason! It’s not often that we meet clients who go out of their way for us as Dinesh has! There was a time when we worked on a project that was not covered in our scope and in all honesty, we forgot to raise an invoice for it, but Dinesh did not!

I knew the team did not work on weekends however I remember a time when my entire website was down at about 1 am on a weekend. Without a second thought, Shashwat, and the team were of great help for 1-2 hours till the problem was solved. The next day also fell on a weekend but the team took care of the whole and ensured the website was up and running. What I would like to point out is that they did not charge me for this for 2-3 months and I remember getting in touch with Jaya to ask her to raise an invoice! It was a refreshing change to see an agency doing something like this!

 B Dinesh Subramaniam, Chief Executive Officer @ Tredy Foods

This was not just an isolated incident though! Dinesh has had conversations with many of our team members and we remember one incident which stood out to us and to him. Due to certain internal changes, there was a bit of back and forth happening for one of our previous implementations but we did what we do best; we handled it empathetically!

Saurav wasn’t obligated to take responsibility and handle the situation, but he was very empathetic towards the problem. He professionally managed the whole thing!

 B Dinesh Subramaniam, Chief Executive Officer @ Tredy Foods

That’s the beauty of being tech “partners”. We don’t operate in the capacity of just another agency. As a “partner” we take ownership and responsibility, even if it means going the extra mile.

Our journey with Tredy Foods is far from over! 

We’ve got more projects in the pipeline with Tredy Foods and receiving such praise just makes our resolve stronger!

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