Festive Marketing Frenzy: 5 Hot Ecommerce Tips to Light Up Your Sales This Season

Festive Marketing Frenzy: 5 Hot Ecommerce Tips to Light Up Your Sales This Season

Bust out the fluffiest sweaters and bring in the holiday cheer! However, we know what’s hiding under those comfy gloves! Reveal the claws we all keep secretly hidden because this Christmas Season, IT’S WAR TIME!!!

Not only is Christmas right around the block, but 2020 is also ending!!


We don’t know of one person who might be sad to see this year ending! But, in all the festivities, let’s not forget that WE’VE GOT WORK TO DO! If your cup of ideas iis almost down to the last dredges, we’ve got you covered. Consider this our special gift to you! 

Presenting 5 ways you can monetise on Santa’s holiday and milk it for all it’s worth! 

You won’t know it till you push it! 

Push notifications work wonders during the festive season! The trick is to pace them out and use them sparingly! When all efforts seem done and dusted, push notifications come around like the light at the  end of the tunnel to convert those few remaining users to satisfied customers! From the last piece of your bestseller to a flat 70% off sale for the last 3 hours, they work most effectively as your last CTA!


Join hands and double the conversion effect!

Collaborate with another brand with a similar audience targeting and scream “FLASH SALE”. However, be mindful of their products! You don't want to collaborate with a competitor in the same product arena! Also, be careful about maintaining your brand positioning! Never again underestimate the value of cross-pollination between brands! It could be the ultimate deal you needed to get your deals going!


Let the festivities run deep! Right to the CORE!

Your logo is the core of your digital presence! It’s what sets  your apart from others and helps users identify YOU! Showcase your festive spirit by letting it reflect in your logo! Over the past few years, we’ve seen multiple brands have taken this route and boy, has it worked for them!


Be the gift you want to receive! Position yourself as the quintessential
Christmas gift!

The festive season from Diwali through to New Year is all about gifting your loved ones and spreading merriment! So it doesn't matter what you’re selling, you can always position and reposition your products as the perfect gift! 

Even if you’re selling biodegradable sanitary pads, you can position yourself as - “This festive season, show her that you really care. For her and the environment!” or “Because red is MERRY!” 

We always talk about understanding your audience but when it comes to the festive season, it's a double whammy with understanding the psyche of your target as well those who surround them!


Doll her up! A little dress up never hurt nobody! 

A website is a beauty and beauties often need a touch-up on the most important days! Get her some new colours, a bit of facelift, some discounted goodies and there! You have a merry new Festive Website! You can go as minimal JAYPORE and curate a collection of products for your festive collection or you could go full blown christmassy on your website like BATH & BODY WORKS.
Either way, it’s about showing your patrons how much the festive season means to you and ultimately to them!


We hope this christmas season, our tips will help you boost sales and end the year on a good note! God knows we all need it! But, don’t lose sight of what this is all about though, the New Year sale season starts almost instantly with double the rigour! So make sure to have a 2 month sales & discounts plan in place before you start selling!

PRO TIP - get a summary of your best performing posts, email subject lines & articles for the last  11 months! Pick up the best from each and incorporate them in December to end your 2020 with a bang!

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