Above and Beyond with the AM Squad

Above and Beyond with the AM Squad

Working as an AM is tough. Working as an AM in Marmeto is tougher!

“There are two sides to being an AM. First is understanding the needs of the clients and understanding the flow in which they feel the tech will proceed. Second is project management, wherein the same is conveyed to the client with the reality of how the implementations will flow is clarified.

~Sneha, Account Managers at Marmeto

While our AMs are quite on top of the game with their workload, what makes them truly unique is their desire and passion to go out of the way for the clients. 

“It’s the passion that drives us! The passion for working in this industry and for learning new things! It gives all the account managers the much needed push to take on any challenge head on.”

~Suparna, Senior Account Manager at Marmeto 

The complete understanding of the fact that the website is the client’s baby and in many cases, the sole source of income. Even an hour’s delay can negatively impact revenue in ways we cannot explain! This insane determination,ownership and accountability to ensure websites are up and running and all glitches are taken care of is what sets them apart.

“There are times when implemented solutions work great in the preview, but once live, the solution crashes. This affects the server, performance and the business. If this happens at night,  we’re aware of the fact that in e-commerce, business never stops. At such a time we bypass all regular SOPs and directly get in touch with the developers who worked on the solution and ensure resolution. It's our responsibility. It could be 12am, 1am or 4am, the time doesn't matter.”

~ Mounika, Account Managers at Marmeto

Account management can only be a success when one puts themselves in the clients’ shoes and understands how even the smallest of changes can affect their business. This is the Marmetian spirit! This is what we do and this is what sets us apart! Of course there will be good days and bad days but learning from the bad while imbibing the good is what is important. 

“Challenges may arise but it's all worth it in the end when the appreciation pours in! Officially it comes from the clients and unofficially from the team. The late nights and the early mornings are all worth it when you know your name is attributed to the success of a project. 

~Jaya, Account Manager @ Marmeto

In the dynamic, constantly evolving and changing environment of tech, we face challenges regularly and we bust them daily too!

We asked all our account managers to help us understand the challenges they face daily. 

Here are some notable mentions: 

  • Extended Work Hours: In our line of work, work-life balance is a myth and the sooner aspiring account managers understand that, the better. 
  • Mismanagement Consequences: The slightest misstep from our side may have a domino effect on the website. So, even at our busiest and lowest, we run a tight and cohesive ship at Marmeto. 
  • Lengthy Calls and Meetings: Long meetings, calls, discussions, our presence is integral. This stressful environment takes its toll on us, (biologically/physically), mentally and emotionally. 
  • Unhappy Clients: As the main point of contact, dealing with unhappy clients is a part of our job. However, it does get emotionally draining at times. 
  • Team Dynamic: For each project, we have to pay equal attention to our team. From asking for consistent updates to prodding them for urgent changes in the project, things can get a bit strained. 

With such tight schedules and stressful days, there are bound to be areas of improvement but our AM team has a unique way of handling it!

“It’s important for the team to take all areas of improvement in a positive manner. I use a 5 point scale to get client feedback every week and on the basis of that I highlight the various concerns in a positive yet impactful manner. At Marmeto, we believe in a solution first approach hence all our communications, regarding the good and the bad are on the basis of solutions. 

~Neelam, Merchant Happiness Manager @ Marmeto

At Marmeto we’re a family. Everyone has a role to play and without our Account Managers, things would surely get very difficult. Their multitasking nature and time management skills helps us do what we do. It helps us be who we are! 

It defines us as Marmeto!