Keeping up with the AM Squad

Have you ever wondered how business flourish into empires? 

Communication, empathy, responsiveness, patience, detailed SOPs, structured work formats all combine to form the backbone of every successful organization. That being said, the major make or break is based on the understanding and effective implementation of these factors in handling clients. An open and healthy relationship can turn even the most sceptical client into a happy one! 

“It’s very important to build rapport with the client. Once the expectation is set by the sales team, it’s important to maintain that relationship and nurture it. Each client person is different and it requires effort.”

~Sneha, Account Manager @ Marmeto

But, how does Marmeto ensure client satisfaction?

Three Words: Effective Account Management 

“Account management is a broad term and there is no end to what it entails. However, for me it’s got a lot to do with gathering requirements. Not just with respect to understanding the clients’ needs but also reading between the lines to understand the exact nature of the work, how it may affect their business, and coming up with alternate solutions to mitigate the problems.” 

~Jaya, Account Manager @ Marmeto

A project will only be successful if the client is happy. Leaving no stone unturned are our account managers! While it may seem easy, handling 10-15 different portfolios, all with different requirements, different POC personalities, pressing deadlines and a whole lot of backend efforts, makes this one challenging task! However, at the end of the day, the AM Squad knows that they are the link between the clients and the internal team and without them every project would fall apart. 

“Account Managers are not only the face of the company but also the link between the internal teams and the clients. It’s our responsibility to be the single point of contact and understand the client’s perspective, needs and requirements.”

~Suparna, Senior Account Manager at Marmeto

At Marmeto though, our account managers go one step beyond and run the show with absolute ownership and accountability!

My day starts at about 9 am and it’s peppered with multiple tasks. I’m handling 10-15 clients per account manager with Suparna overseeing all accounts. Sometimes the workload and pressure is a lot more and on those days, I end up working for longer hours but at the end of the day, once the client is happy, that’s all that matters!

~Mounika, Account Managers at Marmeto

The right hand of Marmeto; our AMs handle everything!  A few examples of their daily tasks would be:

  • Establishing rapport and setting realistic expectations for clients post thorough explanation of how the tech would affect their business

  • Acting as bridge between the internal team and the client and linking various departments, from design to development to delivery to post delivery, with the sole purpose of fulfilling the client goal

  • Following up with clients on every solution implemented to ensure project stays on the pre decided path and all client apprehensions are taken care of

  • Intimating clients of changes and coming up with futuristic solutions for tech issues faced today and in the future

  • Ensuring and maintaining an open line of communication with the client post the project closure

  • Ensuring that the project timeline are adhered to and delays are mitigated

  • Ensuring client escalations are handled in a professional manner with detailed and concrete solutions 

  • Being involved in the testing of the solutions with the dev team

  • Explaining tech to the client based on their queries while coming from non tech backgrounds

  • Handling tickets, invoices, daily calls, queries and other related tasks on a daily basis

  • Take ownership of solutions and ensuring implementation at times without client’s approval in cases where it will positively impact the website

“We have a dedicated tool for monitoring and tracking work which we use. Every evening, before ending the day, we create a to-do list of all the tasks that have been completed for the day, have spilled over to the next day as well as the next day’s POA. Once the day starts, I first get in touch with the team to ensure all tasks with internal dependencies are taken care of. Then I get on to the client queries on various our channels and groups. I keep a close eye on all the deliverables to ensure smooth completion.”

~Neelam, Merchant Happiness Manager @ Marmeto

There are days when our AMs are overburdened but the grace and positivity with which they handle the situations is something that truly represents the; Marmeto spirit.

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