Best Practices to Maximize Your Ecommerce Sales

Best Practices to Maximize Your Ecommerce Sales

Did you know?

Thanksgiving online sales grew 2.9% YoY in the U.S., reaching $5.3 billion in sales.

Knock! Knock! 

The holiday season is around the corner. 

Yes, you heard it right, the holiday season- a time of joy, laughter, and for businesses, a whirlwind of opportunities and challenges. 

As the days grow shorter and the leaves get red and golden, merchants find themselves at the intersection of excitement and apprehension, all in pursuit of the perfect holiday marketing strategy. In this bustling lineup of festivities, Thanksgiving stands out as a beacon of potential, a moment when businesses can truly shine.

However, as businesses, we understand the challenge. With every holiday rolling in one after another, creating a smart marketing plan becomes not just a priority, but a necessity. The stakes are high, the competition fierce, and the need for innovative strategies paramount. So, gear up for this exciting yet challenging time, let’s explore not just 6, but a plethora of Thanksgiving marketing ideas that will not only boost your sales but also leave an indelible mark on the hearts of your customers.

6 Thanksgiving Sale Ideas for a Successful Holiday Season

Before we dive in, did you know that the term "Thanksgiving sale" wasn't popularized until the late 19th century? Back then, it marked the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Today, it’s a phenomenon, a celebration where merchants and shoppers come together to kick off the festive buying spree.

1. Use Thanksgiving Themes for Your Forms and Website

Envision your online store as a canvas painted in the warm hues of autumn. Infuse warm, earthy tones and vibrant oranges into your website's design, creating an inviting atmosphere akin to a Thanksgiving dinner. By incorporating Thanksgiving themes into your forms and website elements, you cultivate a sense of gratitude and hospitality.

Utilize themed pop-ups and forms to enhance the visitor's experience, making them feel valued and cherished like esteemed guests at a Thanksgiving gathering. This approach not only captivates visually but also emotionally connects with your audience, fostering a memorable online interaction.

Tools to Support:

  • Canva: Create stunning Thanksgiving-themed graphics for your website and forms.
  • Shopify GemPages: Choose from a variety of customizable themes to give your online store a festive look.

6 Thanksgiving Sale Ideas for a Successful Holiday Season

2. Host Thanksgiving Contests and Giveaways on Your Website

Who doesn’t love a good contest? Host engaging Thanksgiving-themed contests and giveaways on your website and social media platforms. Encourage participation by offering exciting prizes, perhaps products from your own store or special holiday bundles. These contests not only generate buzz around your brand but also create a sense of excitement, drawing in more potential customers who are eager to participate and win.

Tools to Support:

  • Gleam: Create captivating competitions and reward schemes to engage your audience during Thanksgiving.

3. Embrace the Power of Influencer Marketing

Authenticity is key here; genuine reviews and endorsements from influencers can build trust among potential customers. They are like modern-day word-of-mouth advertisers. Identify influencers whose audience aligns with your target demographic and collaborate with them. Let these influencers weave your Thanksgiving Sale into their narratives. Whether it's through engaging stories, unboxing videos, or heartfelt recommendations, influencers can create a buzz that resonates with their followers.

Tools to Support:

  • Connect with influencers and manage collaborations for your brand.
  • AspireIQ: Find influencers, track campaigns, and measure your influencer marketing ROI.

6 Thanksgiving Sale Ideas for a Successful Holiday Season

4. Activate Automated Emails to Send Thanksgiving Greetings and offers

In a digital landscape flooded with emails, adding a personal touch can create a significant impact. Imagine your customers' surprise when they open their inboxes to find a heartfelt Thanksgiving wish, penned just for them. These auto-responder emails, infused with gratitude, not only express your appreciation but also keep your brand alive in their memories. 

Pairing these warm wishes with exclusive Thanksgiving promotions is akin to leaving a lasting imprint of kindness and gratitude, fostering a genuine connection with your audience.

Tools to Support:

  • Mailchimp: Set up automated email campaigns to send personalized Thanksgiving wishes and offers.
  • HubSpot: Use marketing automation to schedule and personalize your Thanksgiving email campaigns.

5. Sending a Thank You Note

In a world buzzing with digital noise, a handwritten note stands out like a cherished memory. After the Thanksgiving rush subsides, take a moment to express your gratitude with a personalized thank-you note. Handwritten or thoughtfully designed, these notes convey sincere appreciation for your customers' support. It’s not just a gesture; it’s a heartfelt message that lingers in their hearts, forging a connection that goes beyond the transaction.

Tools to Support:

  • Handwrytten: Send automated, personalized, handwritten cards to your customers with a few clicks.

6 Thanksgiving Sale Ideas for a Successful Holiday Season

6. Giving Back - Donate a Portion of Your Sales to Charity

Thanksgiving is the season of giving, and what better way to give back than by donating a portion of your sales to charity? Choose a cause that resonates with your brand values and mission. Communicate to your customers that a part of their purchase will be used to make a positive impact. Not only does this create a sense of community and shared purpose, but it also enhances your brand’s reputation.

Tools to Support:

  • Charity Checkout apps like Easy Donation: Integrate charitable donations seamlessly into your checkout process, making it easy for customers to contribute.


As we wrap up this Thanksgiving feast of ideas, remember, it's not just about making a sale; it's about making a connection. Thanksgiving Sale is more than a promotional event; it's an opportunity to express gratitude, create memorable experiences, and build lasting relationships with your customers.

So, as you prepare your Thanksgiving feast of offers and discounts, infuse it with the warmth of gratitude and the spirit of giving. Let this Thanksgiving be a celebration of not just what you sell, but who you are as a brand.

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