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  • EasyEcom
    EasyEcom is a comprehensive order and inventory management platform designed to streamline eCommerce operations. It provides multi-channel integration, enabling businesses to manage orders, inventory, and warehouses from a single dashboard. EasyEcom's advanced analytics and reporting tools help businesses make data-driven decisions, optimize stock levels, and enhance overall efficiency.
  • Vinculum
    Vinculum offers a robust suite of order and warehouse management solutions tailored for retail and eCommerce businesses. Its platform supports seamless integration across various sales channels, ensuring synchronized inventory and order processing. Vinculum's system enhances supply chain visibility and efficiency, allowing businesses to scale operations and improve customer satisfaction through timely deliveries and accurate order fulfillment.
  • Eshopbox
    Eshopbox specializes in intelligent order and warehouse management systems, providing eCommerce businesses with a scalable solution for their logistics needs. The platform automates order processing, inventory management, and fulfillment tasks, reducing operational complexities. Eshopbox's real-time tracking and reporting features enable businesses to maintain optimal stock levels, minimize errors, and deliver a superior customer experience.


  • PayU
    PayU is a leading payment gateway provider, offering a secure platform for processing online payments. It supports a wide range of payment methods and features robust fraud prevention mechanisms, making it ideal for businesses enhancing their payment infrastructure.
  • CashFree
    Cashfree is a versatile payments and banking technology company, providing efficient solutions for online payments and payouts. Its platform supports various payment methods and offers features like instant refunds and bulk disbursals, helping businesses streamline financial operations.
  • Razorpay
    Razorpay is a comprehensive payment solution provider, catering to the needs of modern businesses with products like payment gateways and subscriptions. It supports multiple payment methods and provides robust security, ensuring smooth and secure transactions for optimized payment processes.


  • Shiprocket
    Shiprocket is an advanced logistics platform designed to streamline shipping and fulfillment for eCommerce businesses. It offers multi-carrier integration, enabling businesses to choose the best shipping options at competitive rates. With features like automated order processing, real-time tracking, and efficient returns management, Shiprocket helps businesses enhance their delivery operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Data tracking

  • Contlo
    Contlo is a powerful data tracking and analytics platform designed to help businesses understand and engage their customers better. It provides detailed insights into customer behavior, enabling businesses to create personalized marketing strategies and improve customer retention through data-driven decision-making.
  • Mixpanel
    Mixpanel is an advanced analytics tool that focuses on tracking user interactions and behavior across web and mobile applications. It offers in-depth event tracking and real-time data analysis, empowering businesses to make informed decisions, optimize user experiences, and drive growth through actionable insights.


  • Loyaltylion
    LoyaltyLion is a comprehensive loyalty program platform designed to help eCommerce businesses increase customer retention and lifetime value. It offers customizable rewards, referral programs, and insights into customer behavior, enabling businesses to build stronger, more engaged communities and foster long-term loyalty.
  • Popclub
    Popclub is an innovative loyalty platform that helps businesses create engaging loyalty programs to reward their customers. It features easy-to-use tools for designing and managing rewards, tracking customer interactions, and driving repeat purchases, making it easier for businesses to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Marketing automation

  • Moengage
    MoEngage is a robust marketing automation platform that helps businesses deliver personalized customer experiences across multiple channels. It offers advanced segmentation, real-time analytics, and AI-driven insights, enabling businesses to create targeted campaigns, improve customer engagement, and drive growth.
  • Clevertap
    CleverTap is an all-in-one customer engagement and retention platform that combines analytics, segmentation, and marketing automation. It provides real-time insights and personalized messaging capabilities, helping businesses to understand user behavior, optimize engagement strategies, and enhance customer loyalty.


  • Gokwik
    GoKwik is a conversion rate optimization platform focused on enhancing the shopping experience and boosting checkout conversions for eCommerce businesses. It offers solutions like one-click checkout, cart recovery, and fraud prevention, helping businesses reduce cart abandonment and increase revenue.
  • Shopflow
    Shopflo is a conversion optimization tool designed to streamline the checkout process for online stores. It provides features such as customizable checkout flows, real-time analytics, and seamless payment integrations, enabling businesses to improve conversion rates and enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Simpl
    Simpl is a checkout and payment solution that aims to simplify the purchasing process for customers, thereby boosting conversion rates. It offers features like one-tap payments, instant credit, and seamless integration with online stores, making it easier for businesses to reduce friction during checkout and increase sales.


  • Return Prime
    Return Prime is a streamlined returns management platform designed to simplify and automate the returns process for eCommerce businesses. It offers features such as easy returns initiation, automated workflows, and real-time tracking, helping businesses manage returns efficiently, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce operational costs.
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