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Additional Fields at Checkout

Capture GST Numbers or survey your customers for building a more accurate consumer profile with this feature on your Shopify Plus Store.

Collect accurate data

Enhance Customer Experience

Raise GST invoices to customers

Cater to multiple customer types in one checkout process

The Problem

A standard Shopify checkout funnel consists of 3 pages -  Information > Shipping > Payment
The information page collects basic data such as Name, Number, Email, Company and Address. The problem arises when you want to collect additional information from your customers at checkout. The possibilities include GST number input for companies that need a GST invoice or additional survey questions for better customer profiling.

This is where our Additional fields at checkout solution comes in!

The Solution

Making any changes on the checkout pages is a possibility only on Shopify’s Plus plan. On a Plus plan, we can add additional fields to capture data or add functionalities through code. These fields can help brands capture more data pointers as well as help in better customer profiling leading to an enhanced user experience.

For. Ex - The GST number capture. (Screen shot in the banner image)

This is not just an additional field, it’s a functionality in itself. If the Customer does not have a GST number, they can select the corresponding option and checkout as usual. If the customer has a GST number, they can select the corresponding option, upon which an input field appears where they can enter their GST number. This enables the merchant to create an automated GST invoice for the customer which can be used for invoicing and taxation purposes. 

How Does This Feature Work?

Additional fields at the checkout stage have 2 prime use cases in India.

1) GST Number -
This solution is needed for merchants who want to enable GST invoicing through an automated process on their website. This is especially beneficial for brands that cater to end consumers as well as distributors through the same website.

2) Survey Question - This solution is very useful from a marketing point of view. It lets you capture accurate data that allows you back track the source of awareness of the customer. It also lets you survey your existing buyers for additional information. Such information can be used for better profiling for future upselling or cross selling offers.

Why Do We Need It?

We've all experienced the frustration first hand, when we finally come across a product that we like only to realize that it cannot be delivered to our pin code! For a brand that is putting in any resources into marketing their online store, every frustrated or disgruntled customer amounts up to a combined loss of 3 orders. 1st is the customer who cannot place an order, 2nd and 3rd are the two potential customers you'll lose owing to the annoyed customers negative word of mouth.

In today's day and age time is the most important resource. When you're fortunate enough to have customers spending their valuable time on your website only to lead nowhere, they tend to feel cheated and taken for a ride. This unpleasant experience sets your brand back a couple of steps leading to reduced brand affinity and trust.

What may look like a minor inconvenience to the brand in reality can damage the brand positioning in the longer run!
The pin code validation feature prevents this turn of events by clearly filtering out buyers in the awareness or consideration phase.


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